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Issue: Gates of Gotham #2
Subtitle: Part Two: The Four Families of Gotham
Date: August 2011
Feature Characters: Batman (Richard Grayson), Red Robin (Timothy Drake), Black Bat (Cassandra Cain), Robin (Damian Wayne)
Supporting Characters: Nicholas Anders, Bradley Gate, Alan Wayne, Edward Elliot, Theodore Cobblepot, James Gordon
Villains: The Architect (Dillon May), Hush (Thomas Elliot), Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot)
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters: Lawrence

Following a threat from the Architect, the Bat Family keeps watch over various buildings belonging to the Waynes and Cobblepots only to have the Architect manage to place bombs and denote them in both the Old Wayne Tower and the Iceberg Lounge.

"I've heard stories about you, you know. Cassandra Cain, the "Black Bat"..."Destined to lead the League of Assassins to glory." I have to admit, I'm not impressed."
— Damian Wayne

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Cover Art:


- The Wayne Enterprises logo originated from Batman Begins

GatesofGotham 2

- Scott Snyder
- Kyle Higgins

- Trevor McCarthy

Chronology:Full List
- Batman and the Outsiders #40
- Batman Incorporated #6
- Gates of Gotham #1
- Gates of Gotham #2
- Gates of Gotham #3
- Gates of Gotham #4
- Gates of Gotham #5

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