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Issue: Gates of Gotham #1
Subtitle: A Bridge to the Past
Date: July 2011
Feature Characters: Batman (Richard Grayson)
Supporting Characters: James Gordon, Red Robin (Timothy Drake)
Villains: Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot), The Architect (Dillon May), Hush (Thomas Elliot)
Guest Appearances: Cassandra Cain
Other Characters: Robin (Damian Wayne), Alan Wayne, Edward Elliot, Nicholas Anders, Theodore Cobblepot, Ronnie Watkins

Chasing after a shipment of explosives from Hong Kong, Batman and Red Robin are too late as the 22nd street, Madison and New Trigate bridges are all demolished.
While looking for reasons behind the attack, the duo learn that the three bridges were once built for three of Gotham's most prominant families: Wayne, Elliot, and Cobblepot.

"I think we need to be much faster."
— Richard Grayson

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Cover Art:


- Reference to Batman Incorporated #6.
- Preview of Brightest Day Aftermath: The search for Swamp Thing.

GatesofGotham 1

- Scott Snyder
- Kyle Higgins

- Trevor McCarthy

Chronology:Full List
- Birds of Prey #10
- Batman and the Outsiders #40
- Batman Incorporated #6
- Gates of Gotham #1
- Gates of Gotham #2
- Gates of Gotham #3
- Gates of Gotham #4

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