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Fort Graye Brownstone

The Fort Graye Brownstone, also dubbed "The Townhouse" or "The Brownstone", is an upper-class brownstone apartment located in an uptown district in Gotham City. Following a lose of his vast resources, Bruce Wayne decided to move his living quarters and operations inside Gotham City as a cost cutting measure and an attempt to move on with his life after Alfred's death.

Choosing a brownstone located in the Fort Graye district that was already registered under his ownership, Bruce converted the entire basement underneath the apartment into a pseudo-Batcave dubbed "The Garage" where he has sewer access and stores the Batmobile and a minimal computer system; prioritizing the more advanced computer tech, systems and resources to other "Mini-caves" around the city.

In a fit of depression, Lady Shiva arrives at Bruce's apartment with the ruse to have dinner with him but then turns the dinner into a death fight that results in her being impaled with her own knife as part of a plan to have Bruce kill her. After healing her, Bruce takes Shiva to see her daughter playing mini-golf with Luke and Stephanie and the experience of seeing her daughter happy resolves Shiva of her depression.

A robot drone of the Justice Failsafe program, designed by Batman to terminate him if he ever went rogue and activated after the newspapers announce that Batman had killed the Penguin, invades the "Garage" and nearly destroys the headquarters while attempting to kill Batman, however, Bruce manages to escape by grappling the batmobile as it exits the garage via remote.


  • The apartment has voice activated light dimmers and window blinds to ensure privacy when Bruce walks the apartment as Batman.
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