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Owner: Barbara Gordon
Location: Gotham City
Designation: Headquarters
Affiliation: Team Batgirl
First Appeared In:
- Batgirl #7 (2011)

Located below Barbara Gordon's apartment building, the "Firewall" became the new base of operations for Team Batgirl after they were evicted from the Batcave by Richard Grayson.

Initially containing only the Ricochet, the underground complex eventually became outfitted with a computer interface and equipment to maintain Stephanie's Batsuit.
After the induction of Bruce Wayne's new Batman Incorporated, the Firewall received a massive upgrade and overhaul initiated by Wayne himself.
Now the Firewall possesses state-of-the-art systems, holographic display and forensic equipment, Stephanie Brown's arsenal was also upgraded with new weapons and a new vehicle; a purple van with armaments.

Location Databank
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