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East End Free Clinic

The East End Free Clinic is a medical clinic located in Gotham City's East End district.

Created and run by Doctor Leslie Thompkins; a renowned medical professional who has dedicated her considerable skills towards helping Gotham's neglected and impoverished population, the clinic is intended for those who are unable to afford government established medical treatment. Unfortunately, the clinic is also used by Gotham's criminals as well as child gang members and drug addicts, however, all of Gotham's Underworld seem to respect the clinic's neutrality.
While the majority of her patients are repeat offenders, Doctor Thompkins attempts to treat each patient with equal compassion and continues to do her job with great perseverance and determination.


  • During Gotham's No Man's Land edict, the clinic had grown into becoming a "M.A.S.H. Sector" open for any of Gotham's remaining citizens as the city's only remaining medical establishment. As such the sector held a strict 'No Violence' policy regardless of her patients's actions and intent and was guarded heavily by the Bat Family.
  • During Gotham's Gang War the clinic again became a M.A.S.H. building, however, the Ghost Dragons gang attempted to take over the clinic by force and was stopped by Batgirl.
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