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East End

The East End is a city district located in the north-eastern quadrant of Gotham City.

A dangerous neighborhood at night, the area becomes rife with crime and the criminal underground element. While containing residential apartments and neighborhood stores, the district is largely populated with taverns, strip clubs and prostitution rings.

Shortly after James Gordon's retirement from the GCPD, the Black Mask corrupted the East End 14th precinct into running drug shipments and removing potential competitors in a bid to run the East End drug trade. Shortly soon after, following a brief time out of costume to reassess what she was doing in life, Catwoman adopted the East End as her section of the city to protect and fought against street gangs and costumed felons to make the area safe for residents; ultimately tangling with and killing Black Mask.


  • The district is connected to the Bristol district of Gotham County via the Robert Kane Memorial Bridge which stretches over the Gotham River to the north of the island.
  • Park Row (aka Crime Alley) is located within the East End district.
  • Selina Kyle grew up in the district after escaping a juvenile detention center.
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