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Name: Dr Francine Lee Langstrom
Aliases: She-Bat
Nationality: White American
Maritual Status: Married
Spouse: Dr Robert Langstrom
Children: Rebecca Langstrom, Aaron Langstrom
Occupation: Genetics Specialist
Known Residence:
- The Langstrom Farm, 20.3 KM SSE of Gotham City
- Burnham Banking Co., Gotham City
- WayneTech, Dresher
Working as Kirk Langstrom's lab partner and also his recent fiancee Francine Lee was instrumental in synthesizing the anti-serum which restored Kirk's human form during his first transformation into Man-Bat.
Kirk Langstrom later refines his serum, enabling him to retain his human intelligence while in bat form, and allowing himself control over his transformations. He works for a while as a detective and independent crime fighter as Man-Bat, while he and Francine marry and have a daughter, Rebecca. Eventually, however, his instability returns and he is left unable to control his transformations.
Their second child, Aaron, was conceived right before Kirk lost all human consciousness. Not knowing about his wife's pregnancy he flew away from his family, hitching a ride on a plane to South America. Francine began pursuing him, and while trying to save him, an accident occurred, and the increasingly feral Man-Bat had a moment of human thought, seemingly sacrificing itself for her. Francine returned to Gotham, and Man-Bat followed. A series of murders perpetrated by a flying creature lead the GCPD to suspect Man-Bat. The killer was, in actuality, the flying hitman Steeljacket, a being created due to Kirk and Francine's tests during their tenor with the "Secret Genetics Brotherhood". Man-Bat fought the killer, defeating him. Francine saw Kirk, and called to him, but she was not able to get him to come to her, to tell him of their child. Aaron was born just after the Clench virus incident in Gotham City.

When Gotham was turned into a No Man’s Land, the Langstrom’s stayed behind, and Man-Bat came to find them. When he found Francine, she explained to him that Aaron had been kidnapped, and Man-Bat, acting from fatherly instinct, went to find him. To save him, Francine and Elizabeth also took the Man-Bat serum. After saving Aaron, the family of Man-Bats flew away.
They had taken up residence in the bell tower at Brentwood Academy. There Jaeger went after the Man-Bat and his family. Tim Drake went to help them. He had gotten a supply of Man-Bat antidote from Batman, and used it to cure Kirk, Francine, and Elizabeth. Denied his prey, Jaeger left. Kirk began attempting to find a way to allow Aaron to shift between human and Man-Bat form.

One year after the Infinite Crisis Talia al Ghul captures Francine and threatens to poison her if Kirk does not give her the Man-Bat formula. After Langstrom gives her the formula, she releases Francine as promised. Talia utilizes the mutagen to turn members of the League of Assassins into Man-Bats.
When Kirk goes missing, having being abducted by the Suicide Squad to the prison planet Salvation, Francine is left to fend for herself and is employed by Batman to assist in studying the OMAC unit captured by his Outsiders team.


- Frank Robbins, Neal Adams

First Appearance:
- Detective Comics #402 (1937)

First Appearance with Cass Cain:
- Gotham Knights #45 (2004)

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