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Deuces Wild Casino

Owner: Derek and Dustin Deuce
Designation: Underground
Affiliation: Villain
First Appearance:
The Network #1

The Deuces Wild was a floating casino that took advantage of the chaos in Gotham following the Final Crisis and the perceived death of Batman. Run by brothers Derek and Dustin Deuce, the casino worked in partnership with Hugo Strange to "test" the new Batman (Jason Todd) by kidnapping three random citizens and placing a challenge that if one citizen was rescued, the other two would be killed. If neither citizens were rescued within ten minutes, they would all be killed. As a side instance, the casino placed odds as to which of the citizens would be rescued.

When the challenge was intercepted by Oracle, the casino's plan was defeated by the established Network of Gotham heroes and the casino was hunted and shut down.

Location Databank
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