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Issue: Detective Comics #937
Subtitle: Rise of the Batmen, Part 4: The Great Escape
Date: September 2016
Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Batwoman (Katherine Kane), Red Robin (Timothy Drake)
Supporting Characters: Orphan (Cassandra Cain), Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Clayface (Basil Karlo)
Villains: Jacob Kane, The Colony, The General (Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong)
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters:

As Batwoman and the others recover in Red Robin's rebuilt subway base, Batman escapes his confinement and explores The Colony's own headquarters; meeting Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong and learning more about The Colony in the process. As Jacob Kane confronts the hero, Batwoman and the others arrive to free Batman and destroy their base.

"This is what happens when you give a sixteen-year-old genius who doesn't sleep an unlimited budget."
— Timothy Drake

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Cover Art:


- The poster on Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong's desk is an allusion to the promotional art of The Dark Knight Returns comic book series.

Detective Comics 937

- James Tynion IV

- Alvaro Martinez

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