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Issue: Detective Comics #934
Subtitle: Rise of the Batmen, Part 1: The Young and the Brave
Date: August 2016
Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Batwoman (Katherine Kane)
Supporting Characters: Orphan (Cassandra Cain), Red Robin (Timothy Drake), Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Clayface (Basil Karlo)
Villains: The Colony
Guest Appearances: Azrael (Jean Paul Valley)
Other Characters: Alfred Pennyworth, Jacob Kane

After Azrael is attacked by a assailant that he identifies as Batman, Batman detects that he, Batwoman and a select few of Gotham's vigilantes are being watched by an unknown observer and teams up with Batwoman to implement a training program to prepare the younger heroes for the coming assailants.

"Her name is Cassandra Cain. She was engineered by her father away from the other children to be a human weapon. Her first language was violence. She might be the most dangerous fighter I've ever seen in action. If guided by another hand, she could be the most deadly enemy any of us have ever faced, or she could be the best of all of us."
— Batman

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- This issue occurs a few months after Batman and Robin Eternal #26.
- Kate reveals that she knew Bruce Wayne was Batman for the last year and a half.
- Batman refers that he has already "taken in" Duke Thomas for training; a reference to the events in Batman Rebirth #1.
- Batwoman mentions that she had worked with Clayface before; this is in reference to the story arc in Batwoman #35 - #40

DetectiveComics 934

- James Tynion IV

- Eddy Barrows

Chronology:Full List
- Batman and Robin Eternal #24
- Batman and Robin Eternal #25
- Batman and Robin Eternal #26
- Detective Comics #934
- Detective Comics #935
- Detective Comics #936
- Detective Comics #937

- Gotham City
~ R.H. Kane Building
~ St Michael's Cathedral
- Batman Uniform (Prime Earth)
- Batwoman Uniform

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