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Issue: Detective Comics #796
Primary Title: ...and red all over
Date: September 2004
Primary Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Robin (Stephanie Brown)
Primary Supporting Characters:
Primary Villains: Victor Zsasz
Primary Guest Appearances: Oracle
Primary Other Characters: N/A

Primary Plot:
In the process of training Stephanie as the new Robin, Batman finds himself on a case involving Victor Zsasz. Taking precautions by having her done a heavier armoured suit, Batman starts hunting Zsasz only to have Robin targeted by him. Saved by her suit, Robin manages to save Batman and assist in taking down Zsasz.

"She likes the banter. It has its place. But more often than not...silence speaks volumes."
— Batman

Secondary Title: Polished Stone Part Two
Secondary Feature Characters: Orpheus, Onyx, Batman (Bruce Wayne), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Secondary Supporting Characters: Penguin
Secondary Villains: N/A
Secondary Guest Appearances: N/A
Secondary Other Characters: N/A

Secondary Plot:
Following a debacle with a gun shipment, Batman organizes a staged encounter with Orpheus in the Iceberg Lounge to get him some credibility in the Gotham underworld.

"You got a killer's instinct, kid. Don't ignore them...divert them."
— Onyx

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Detective 796

- Andersen Gabrych

- Pete Woods

Chronology:Full List
- Birds of Prey #62
- Birds of Prey #63
- Robin #126
- Detective Comics #796
- Batgirl #53
- Robin #127
- Robin #128

- Gotham City
- Batman Uniform
- Robin Uniform


Cover Art:

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