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Name: Slade Joseph Wilson
Identity Status: Secret
Aliases: Deathstroke the Terminator
Slade Wilson
The Balkan
Mr. Spears

Nationality: American
Maritual Status: Divorced
Occupation: Mercenary
Last Known Residence:
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Longtime villain to the Titans and Teen Titans, Deathstroke took interest in Cassandra after they fought while he sought out Nightwing. Intrigued by her he later attacked her and had his own daughter Ravager face her in battle. When Cassandra mortally wounded her he vowed revenge. When Batman left Harvey Dent in charge of Gotham and took Robin and Nightwing along for a trip around the world and to improve their skills Cassandra felt betrayed and abandoned Deathstroke managed to drug her during this time and made her leader of the League of Assassins and resulting in her commuting several murders. During this time he also made her a member of his Titans East, when Robin freed her she vowed to kill him for he had made her do but she was prevented from her goal by Nightwing.


- Marv Wolfman
George Pérez

First Appearance:
- The New Teen Titans #2 - Today... The Terminator!



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