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Davenport Towers

Owner:The Penguin
First Appearance: Detective Comics #720 (April, 1998)

The Davenport Towers was an eighty-story building located in Gotham City's Fashion District.

During the "Cataclysm" earthquake, the building toppled onto its side, coming to temporary rest on Gotham Electric before fully calapsing to the ground, destroying four city blocks.

Following the "No Man's Land" sanction, the building's remains became the new headquarters of the Penguin, who cleared the horizontal building's internal structure and created a new Iceberg Lounge trading market for the denizens of Gotham's No Man's Land.

Operating from within the structure, the Penguin managed to grow one of the largest territories in the NML; rivaled only by Two-Face, the Blue Boys, and the Batman, however, following a betrayal by Two-Face and Lex Luthor taking possession of half of his remaining territory following the establishment of Camp Lex, the Penguin's territory shrunk to the streets surrounding his HQ.
Following an attempted betrayal against the Catwoman, orchestrated by Penguin, the Davenport Towers themselves were destroyed as retribution by Catwoman herself.

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