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Dalten Towers

Owner: Barbara Gordon
Designation: Hotel/Headquarters
Affiliation: Birds of Prey
First Appearance: Birds of Prey #86 (November, 2005)

Dalten Towers is a multi-story hotel/apartment building located in Metropolis.
Designed by Cyrus Pinkney, the same architect who was commissioned by Solomon Wayne to design key buildings in Gotham, the tower is a protected landmark and became the residents and base of operations of Oracle and her Birds of Prey group following Oracle's recovery from Brainiac's viral attack on her body.

Buying out the building and acquiring the top five floors for herself, the Birds of Prey HQ consists of one floor for Barbara Gordon's apartment, two floors for Oracle's CRAY mainframes, two floors for Zinda Blake and other Birds of Prey agents and a rooftop helipad, accessed via a private elevator.
AJ Simmons manages the hotel portion of the building while remaining utterly loyal to Barbara as his boss.

While conducting various country-wide operations, Oracle's headquarters was infiltrated by Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe, who wished to join the Birds of Prey as the new Batgirl. Spy Smasher attempted to commandeer the Birds of Prey group from Oracle on behalf of Checkmate by first having Lois Lane investigate them and then attempted to usurp her operations from within before being ousted by the group's agents.

Following a mission that involved magic-infused tech and the complete annihilation of an entire city block in Metropolis, Barbara traced the source of the technology to Platinum Flats and moved her headquarters into the city to shut down the criminal empire operating there.


  • Barbara nicknames the upper floors the "Maiden Tower".
  • Shortly before the Infinite Crisis, Barbara showed her operations to her father, James Gordon, and revealed her history as Batgirl.
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