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[[|right|250px]] DCeased is an alternate timeline where the Earth is infected by a corrupted form of the Anti-Life Equation, resulting in the majority of the populace turning into the Anti-Living: zombie-like beings who are driven by the equation to extinguish all living things.

  • After a week of fighting, Darkseid's invasion of Earth was repelled by the Justice League. However, Cyborg was captured while chasing Parademons out of Metropolis.

Initial Outbreak[]

  • In an attempt to merge his half of the Anti-Life equation with the half residing within Cyborg, Darkseid transplanted the blood of the Black Racer into Cyborg to prevent him from dying during the process. However, the inclusion of Black Racer's essence corrupted the equation and Darkseid was infected and becomes the first "Anti-Living" being.
  • As Desaad boom tube's Cyborg back to Earth, the Anti-Living Darkseid kills the Black Racer and enter's Apokolips' core, unleashing his Omega Beams and destroying the entire planet and everything on it.
  • As Cyborg returns to Earth, his systems automatically reconnect to Earth's online digital network before he could firewall himself and the corrupted Anti-Life Equation began infected Earth's populace via the internet.
  • Superman hears the screams of the infected begin while he was recruiting Big Barda and Mister Miracle to invade Apokolips and rescue Cyborg. Using Super Speed and Heat Vision, he manages to prevent Lois, Jon and Damian from looking at their phone and television screens; sparing them from becoming infected.
  • Having switched the Batcomputer to local intranet and firewalled from the global internet, Batman observes the viral infection. However, the manor remained connected to the internet before he could initiate an electro-magnetic pulse to forcibly turn off the house's systems. While searching the manor for its occupants, Batman finds Alfred Pennyworth fending off an infected Nightwing and Robin and Batman becomes infected while fighting them off.
  • While confronting the Joker to announce her emancipation, with Poison Ivy's support, Harley Quinn is attacked when it is revealed that the Joker was now an Anti-Living.
  • While camping outside Metropolis, Hal Jordan is infected after looking at his phone and attacks Dinah and Oliver, forcing Dinah to kill him.
  • Superman, Lois, Jon and Damian enter the Daily Planet in order to use their analog TV system and radio station to transmit information on the pandemic globally. Before he enters the building, Superman hears Dinah's sonic scream and witnesses her transformation into a Green Lantern.
  • Batman contacts Barry Allen and Wally West, warning them not to leave their home and not to look at any screens less they become infected.
  • Aquaman boards a heavily damaged cargo ship floating across the ocean only to discover that it is filled with Anti-Living. While escaping the ship, the blood of the Anti-Living enters the ocean, infecting him.
  • Batman contacts Damian and the group, revealing that, due to becoming infected but using the cold technology of one of Mister Freeze's suits to slow his metabolism to slow the infection, he knew the nature of the virus and reveals that the infected were hungry zombies but simply driven by the urge to "spread death"; dubbing the infected as the "Anti-living". He states that the virus was a technological/biological hybrid that can transfer through blood and digital imagery. He advises that they must destroy any human carriers and to destroy the internet. He informs Damian that he had left a gift for him before he finally succumbs to the equation and becomes an Anti-Living, forcing Alfred to kill him with a shotgun.
  • Seeking the origin of the virus, Mister Miracle and Big Barda use a Boom Tube to visit Apokolips only to discover that it has been destroyed.
  • Mister Terrific is studying an Anti-Living Captain Boomerang, who he had captured and restrained in order to study the virus, however, even with his vast intellect he is unable to deduce a cure for the Anti-Life Equation Virus.
  • Mister Terrific visits Big Barda and Mister Miracle in an attempt to gain access to Apokolips to find a cure but they inform him of the planet's destruction.
  • Alfred gives final rights to the bodies of Batman, Nightwing and Robin in the Batcave before boarding a Batwing and flying to Metropolis to rendevouz with Superman, Lois, Jon and Damian.
  • While being pursued through the Gotham streets by an Anti-Living Joker, Harley picks up a shotgun and shoots the Joker in the gut; killing him. Before she could find Poison Ivy, however, she is confronted by an Anti-Living Batgirl, Catwoman, Huntress and Batwoman.
  • After clearing the Daily Planet building of Anti-Living (literally moving them outside and blockading the doors), Superman goes to Smallville to check in on his parents; saving Black Lightning and his family from Anti-Life Clayface along the way.
  • After retrieving Booster Gold and Blue Beetle from Kord Industries, Mister Terrific, Big Barda and Mister Miracle use Blue Beetle's aircraft to fly to Liverpool, England, to find John Constantine.
  • Anti-Living Aquaman attacks Atlantis, killing/infecting everyone except Mera, who used her hydrokinesis to ward off the Anti-living and the infected blood filling the ocean.
  • Beneath Washington DC, CADMUS initiates plague protocol and has Ray Palmer enter the body of an infected to take a closer look at the virus to learn its building blocks while being watched over by Captain Atom. However, while Captain Atom was sent into the city by Amanda Waller to clear out the Anti-Living, it was revealed that Ray Palmer had become infected and had entered Captain Atom to infect him.
  • After saving Constantine from an army of Anti-Living, Mister Terrific attempts to get the magic user to use magic to cure the infection, however, Constantine reveals that he had already tried that and failed and had no interest in "playing hero", leaving the group via teleportation.
  • The survivors at the Daily Planet manage to transmit a call over the radio across the globe for any survivors to regroup at the Daily Planet.
  • Mera reaches Themyscira where Hippolyta offers her shelter as Wonder Woman answers the radio's call to meet at the Daily Planet.
  • Black Lightning and his family arrive at the Daily Planet.
  • At Malibu, California, Mister Terrific, Big Barda, Mister Miracle, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle arrive at Fire and Ice’s home in order to use Booster Gold's hidden Time Sphere the cure the infection by altering history, however, they are immediately attacked by an infected Fire, who causes Blue Beetle’s ship to crash. The group rushes inside the house, with Big Barda and Mister Miracle holding Fire, Ice and the other Anti-Living momentarily at bay before becoming overwhelmed by sheer numbers and dying in each other's arms; becoming infected. Inside the house, Booster Gold, Mister Terrific and Blue Beetle reach the time sphere only to be met by Waverider, who was guarding the time machine in order to prevent Booster Gold from changing time. At the Oblivion Bar Constantine is getting drunk but has a change of heart and tells Bobo to tell anyone who asks that he had gone to help Mister Terrific's group, arriving in time to distract Waverider to allow Booster time to enter the ship. However, as an Anti-Living Big Bard breaks into the room and attempts to kill Constantine, killing Mister Terrific instead, Booster disappears due to his ancestor dying in the outbreak before he could change time and the Anti-Living Big Barda then infects Blue Beetle. Seeing that the current timeline was now secure, Waverider attempts to leave but Constantine uses magic to keep him from moving, allowing an Anti-Living Blue Beetle to kill the time traveler. Doctor Fate and Zatanna suddenly teleport in and save Constantine from the Anti-Living.
  • Superman and Dinah Lance search for Barry Allen and Wally West in Keystone City to move them safely out of the city.
  • An Anti-Living Giganta attacks the Daily Planet but is disrupted by the timely arrival of Alfred Pennyworth, Superman, Dinah Lance and Wonder Woman. When Wonder Woman attempts to kill the infected villain, however, Superman stops her due to his belief that she might be cured. Cyborg, however, arrives and kills the villainess; explaining that the infected were not alive and that they were attracted to the living in order to kill them. He advises that they must leave the Daily Planet as a wounded Hawkgirl arrives to inform them of Captain Atom's infection.
  • Superman and Wonder Woman attempt to remove the Anti-Living Captain Atom from the planet before he self destructed but they are too late and Washington, Baltimore and Metropolis are destroyed; with the Daily Planet building being protected by Dinah Lance's Green Lantern power. Lex Luther and Mercy Graves, protected by Luthor's mech suits, join the survivors shortly thereafter.

1 Week[]

  • The next few days the Justice League destroys the internet, cutting down every server in every country, every mass digital broadcasting device in space and every digital communication cable on land or sea so that the virus cold now only spread through people.
  • Sanctuaries were established for survivors; one on Themyscira, which was lifted partial from the ocean to increase its landmass.
  • Poison Ivy's jungle grew within a week within Gotham City. Dinah Lance, Oliver Queen and Damian Wayne (now Batman), approach the jungle to seek aid from Ivy who, with Harley's insistence, agrees to aid survivors.
  • The Fortress of Solitude was repurposed as a new "Hall of Heroes", with Cyborg and Luthor able to engineer closed communications around the world to reopen communications on the planet.
  • Cyborg and Luthor also begin developing "Arks" that would house 7 million people to evacuate the Earth, however, Superman insisted that they stay to fight for the planet instead of abandoning it.

3 Weeks[]

  • Over the next few weeks, the Arks were built as survivors were found and sent to either Gotham City or Themyscira.
  • An Anti-Living Martian Manhunter enters the Fortress of Solitude and attacks, killing Lex Luthor and infecting Barry Allen before he is killed by Firestorm.
  • Superman leaves to kill the Anti-Living Barry Allen by flying through him at Super-Speed, however, two of Barry's fingers pierce his skin while doing so. Moving at Super-Speed to outrace the infection he has Wally West shunt his family into the Speed Force so that he could say goodbye to them. While attempting to leave the planet starve himself of oxygen in space, the infection takes control of him.
  • 11:48 am, Wednesday, the Anti-Living Superman destroys the largest residential building in the world in New York city and proceeds to destroy the rest of the city.
  • Hearing of Superman's corruption, the survivors begin evacuating the planet, as the arks are sent to Themyscira and Gotham, Wonder Woman uses the forge in the Fortress of Solitude to fuse the Sword of Athena with kryptonite provided by Batman.
  • The Gotham City Ark leaves, with Poison Ivy and Harley staying behind to defend the Green.
  • As the Themysciran Ark is boarded, Themyscira is attacked by Anti-Living army of infected Atlanteans led by Anti-Living Aquaman. While Oliver Queen kills Aquaman, the Amazons of Themyscira rise to do battle against the Anti-Living Atlanteans to give the Ark time to evacuate.
  • In New York, Wonder Woman, Dinah Lance and Cyborg start fighting the Anti-Life Superman.
  • As the Themysciran Ark departs, Hippolyta orders Cassandra Sandsmark to leave with the ark; giving her her crown to give to Diana.
  • While managing to cut off an arm and impale the Anti-Living Superman with her kryptonite sword, Diana was impaled by the undead's other hand. As Anti-Living Superman flies off to attack the departing arks, Diana gives Dinah her sword in order to chase after the undead as Cyborg voluntarily stays behind to be with her as she died.
  • Seeing his father bearing down on the Arks, Jon leaves the arks to fight him; stopping his attack but getting knocked out in the process. However, the Green Lantern Corps arrives in that moment, led by Guy Gardner and Ganthet, to quarantine the planet and dissuades Anti-Life Superman from attacking the arks, opting instead to enter the sun and absorb its energies until it dies out; aiming to kill everything in the solar system with cold death.
  • The Green Lantern Corps escorts the arks to a new "Earth 2".
  • Tying an Anti-Living Wonder Woman with the Lasso of Truth, Cyborg interrogates her on whether the Anti-Life virus can be cured. The virus, through Diana, responds that it is possible through Cyborg, however, as Cyborg lets go of the lasso and attempts to contact the arks to inform them the Anti-Living Amazon rips his head off and leaves him to die.

5 Years[]


  • From the moment he had worked out that digital screens were transmitting the virus, Superman had switched his vision to only see in x-ray so that he could not see any screens as he flew about the planet.
  • Mister Terrific was able to directly view the virus without becoming infected thanks to his T-Mask.
  • The Anti-Living Captain Atom's self destruction was the most destructive explosion ever unleased on the world. It was heard and felt across the planet.
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