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1st Appearance Batgirl

The first feature that one may notice on this model is that Batgirl’s nose and mouth are sculpted in a way that they should not given the mask type. Her large utility belt is loose and looks great as it hangs around her waist.

Batgirl is posed in a weird position, leaning on her left foot while the other one looks crooked and twisted. The off-balance stance she has gives off the impression of a young foal, shaky on her legs. The cape shoulder-horns are a bit off, bringing attention away from the face.

Made of PVC, Batgirl’s weight and cape can bend her legs. Her belt and cape are rubber though. Because all the plastic is black, she attracts a lot of dust which is difficult to remove.

Batgirl’s scale is out of touch with most other figures. As a small petite woman, she topples most female DCDirect action figures. It’s not just her height, but also her volume. It seemed that she was created to be in scale with a seven-inch scale action figure line. Only with the Crisis Batman, does Batgirl regain any usefulness in group shots.

There is little paint on this action figure, the scheme consisting of mainly black and yellow. There is some shading and detailing on her utility belt, but just enough to make it noticeable. Batgirl’s boots and gloves have a nice vinyl-like finish. The yellow paint around the action figure’s logo bleeds on some figures.

Due to her crooked leg and large cape Batgirl's stability without her display stand is rather poor. Although her feet are flat it is difficult to get her into a fitting upright standing position without some kind of support against the cape. Ultimately one would have to have her leaning foward if they wish to stand her alone. It is best to use the first appearance action figure stand, shaped as a dial, to pose Batgirl.

Box Art:


Subject: 1st Appearance Batgirl

Brand: DC Direct


- Includes display dial
- Includes mini-comic Batman #567 (70x100) and batarang
- Sculpture stands 5.875" high
- Sculpture contains 12 points of articulation

As the new Batgirl first appearing in Batman #567, published in 1999, this action figure celebrates Cassandra Cain's 1st appearance in comic books as part of season 3 of the DC 1st Appearance toyline. Other figures in season 3 included; Composite Superman, Nightwing and The Riddler


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