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Super Hero Collection #37

The DC Comics Super Hero Collection is a fortnightly magazine collection in the United Kingdom. Each magazine issue is devoted to a single character or event and comes with a hand painted lead figurine of the feature character. The collection is comprised of two regular issues a month, with a larger, special issue released every two months to accommodate the larger characters in the DC Universe.

Issue #37 features Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) as its feature character, coming with a lead figurine likeness of her in her traditional uniform.

The issue contains seven pages of character history; covering from her first appearance to the end of the Batman and the Outsiders run. Two pages of recommended issues (Batgirl #1 and Batgirl #64) and another two pages of ally and enemy profiles (Deathstroke, Nightwing, Batman, Barbara Gordon, Robin and David Cain). A final two pages contain part 28 of an ongoing DC Timeline segment stretched out between magazine issues.

DC Super Hero Collection 1

DC Comics Super Hero Collection
Brand: DC Direct
DC Comics
- Eaglemoss Publications

- Initial run of 80 issues, plus 9 specials and 2 mega specials
- Released 15th March 2008


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