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DC Chess Collection

The DC Chess Collection is a new fortnightly series offering the comic fan and chess lover alike the chance to collect fantastic and unique chess sets, featuring vivid representations of some of DC's greatest characters. With each piece comes a highly-illustrated magazine with superb DC artwork and background , plus vital chess tips.

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      Set 0ne - Batman

1. Batman (White King) (Batman Incorporated)
2. Joker (Black King)
3. Robin (White Bishop) (Damian Wayne)
4. Penguin (Black Knight)
5. Catwoman (White Queen)
6. Two-Face (Black Knight)
7. Batgirl (White Knight) (DCnU)
8. Riddler (Black Bishop)
9. Poison Ivy (Black Pawn)
10. Commissioner Gordon (White Pawn)
11. Ra's Al Ghul (Black Bishop)
12. Katana (White Pawn) (DCnU)
13. Scarecrow (Black Pawn)
14. Nightwing (White Bishop) (DCnU) 9th Aug 2012
15. Mr Freeze (Black Pawn) 23rd Aug 2012
16. Black Canary (White Pawn) 6th Sep 2012
17. Harley Quinn (Black Queen) 20th Sep 2012
18. Bane (Black Pawn) 4th Oct 2012
19. Hush (Black Pawn) 18th Oct 2012
20. Red Robin (White Knight) (DCnU) 1st Nov 2012
21. Huntress (White Rook) 15th Nov 2012
22. Red Hood (Black Pawn) (Batman Reborn) 29th Nov 2012
23. Batwing (White Pawn) 13th Dec 2012
24. Man-Bat (Black Rook) 27th Dec 2012
25. Black Mask (Black Pawn) 10th Jan 2013
26. Alfred Pennyworth (White Pawn) 24th Jan 2013
27. Batwoman (White Rook) 7th Feb 2013
28. Black Bat (White Pawn) 21st Feb 2013
29. Ventriloquist (Black Pawn) 7th Mar 2013
30. Killer Croc (Black Rook) 21st Mar 2013
31. Azrael (White Pawn) 4th Apr 2013
32. The Question (White Pawn) 18th Apr 2013

       Set Two- Justice League

1. Superman (White King) 18th April
2. Wonder Woman (White King) 2nd May
3. Green Lantern (White Bishop) 16th May
4. Death stroke (Black Pawn) 30th May
5. Supergirl (White Pawn) 13th June
6. Lex Luther (Black king) 27th June
7. ? (Black Pawn) 11th July
8. Batman (White Knight) 25th July

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- Alternate versions of Batman and Joker are available in their The Dark Knight Returns appearances.

Black bat by kevhopgood-d5gnh2q
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