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Name: Crystal Brown
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: N/A
Nationality: American
Maritual Status: Single Parent
Occupation: Nurse
Last Known Residence:

Born as Agnes Bellinger, Crystal became married to Arthur Brown, the second rate criminal known as the Cluemaster, and became addicted to persription drugs due to the abuse Arthur gave to her and her daughter. She would eventually kick her addiction and put her efforts into becoming a caring mother to her daughter, Stephanie Brown, and working long hours as a nurse to keep her and her daughter from sliding into debt.
Learning that her daughter was the vigilante known as the Spoiler, and later about Arthur Brown's death, eventually lead Crystal to fall into temporary depression before mother and daughter could patch things up.
After coming to grips with Stephanie's supposed death during the Gotham Gang War, Stephanie returned a year later.


  • Stephanie's mother was first named as Agnes Bellinger in Detective Comics #648, however, in Batman: The Ultimate Guide by Scott Beatty, she was listed as Crystal Brown. The reason being that, though he had asked what her name was, the writers at the time did not recall it since it had been so long).
  • Pete Woods admitted on the DC boards that the plump nurse version of Crystal Brown was in homage to his own mother.

- Pete Woods

First Appearance:
- Detective Comics #647



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