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Crime Alley

Location: Gotham City
Designation: Public Location

A small side street in Gotham City’s East End, Crime Alley was originally known as Park Row, a fashionable theatre and cafe district populated with homes and families, however, over the years it fell into the shadows and became unsafe. The families moving elsewhere.
The street became infamous for being the location where Thomas and Martha Wayne lost their lives in a mugging-gone-wrong, leaving their son, Bruce Wayne, an orphan and sole heir to the Wayne Fortune.
Dr Leslie Thompkins’ community clinic is also located here; established as a practise while the street was Park Row, the clinic provides care for the area’s indigent locals and enjoys the personal protection of the Batman. While the district itself is treated as hallow ground by the Bat Family.

On the anniversary of their deaths, Batman (Bruce Wayne) always visits the site of his parent’s deaths, leaving a memorial of flowers over where they fell. It was during one of these visits that Batman met Jason Todd who was in the process of stealing the tyres from the Batmobile.

Following the return of Bruce Wayne from being trapped in a time loop by Darkseid, Timothy Drake decided to repair the district's Monarch theatre and use it as his new homebase as Red Robin.


  • The concept of Bruce visiting the alley every year where his parents died came from Detective Comics #457 (1976).
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