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Cosmic Tuning Tower

Owner: Alexander Luthor Jr.
Designation: Multiversal Tuning Tower
Affiliation: Alexander Luthor Jr.
First Appearance: Infinite Crisis #3 (February 2006)

The Cosmic Tuning Tower is a collossal tower built and designed by Alexander Luthor Jr. of Earth-3 to replicate various vibrational frequencies to replicate various Multiversal Earths during the Infinite Crisis.
Based on the "tuning forks" used by the original Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths that were used to merge the surviving multiversal Earths into one to strengthen them against the Anti-Monitor's Anti-Matter wave, Luthor's tower is designed to cause the opposite effect; separating the Earth's as part of his plan to create the perfect Earth.

Built with the remains of the Anti-Monitor, the tower was located at the North Pole, under the ice where the original Fortress of Solitude once stood. Due to its nature, the tower required the power of magic to run and so Luthor had Eclipso manipulate the Specter into destroying the bulwarks of magic so that he could tap into the resulting rampant magic power for the tower. He next needed an advanced computer to process the vibrational frequencies and so abducted the Brother I satellite and gave it sentience for this purpose. He then needed to find examples of the frequencies to replicate, abducting various people who once lived in each Earth and plugging them into the tower.
Once all was complete, Luthor rose the tower above the ice and used his own Antimatter powers to begin reforming the Multiversal Earths in an attempt to locate and/or create the "perfect Earth" to replace the current one which he designated as being corrupt due to its darkness.

Eventually discovered by the heroes, the prisoners of the tower were freed by Nightwing (Richard Grayson) and Wondergirl (Cassandra Sandsmark) while the tower itself was destroyed when Superboy (Kon-El) and Superboy-Prime rampaged through it as they fought each other. With the tower's destruction, the Earth is reformed into one singularity again, although it would later be discovered that the Mutliverse had indeed been recreated.


  • The people abducted to be affixed to the tower were each from the Earths of the original Multiverse: the Martian Manhunter of Earth-One, Power Girl of Earth-Two, Black Adam of Earth-S, Nightshade of Earth-Four, Lady Quark of Earth-Six, and Breach of Earth-Eight. Using these individuals, Luthor could recreate not only the core Earths that were merged in the first Crisis, but replicate the entire Multiverse as well.
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