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Command-D Bunker

Owner: Darkseid
Designation: Secret Headquarters
Affiliation: Darkseid
First Appearance: The Battle for Bludhaven #5

Originally a government bio-chemical weapons facility and secret headquarters of the Atomic Knights, the Command-D bunker is a hidden underground facility located beneath the city of Bludhaven.

Having survived his initial death by existing as a spirit, Darkseid and his minions manage to enter and corrupt the facility some time during or shortly after the Infinite Crisis, turning it into a new Evil Factory where they stage their plans to dominate the planet.
While initially secret, the existence of the facility was eventually revealed following Darkseid's enactment of the Anti-Life Equation on Earth and physically exposed and destroyed by Superman during the final battle between the Earth's resistance forces and Darkseid's armies.


  • When he was captured by Granny Goodness, Batman was imprisoned within the Command-D bunker where Darkseid's minions attempted to make an army of Batman clones my siphoning all of Batman's memories and experiences from his mind. The attempt failed, however, as the trauma of his memories drove the clones insane and Batman himself managed to escape his confinements and wander the halls of the facility until confronting Darkseid; shooting him with a Radion bullet that was toxic to the New Gods.
  • On Earth-51, an additional Command-D bunker was located in New York and served as a CADMUS research station in the study of Brother Eye.
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