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Clocktower Systems

Owner: Barbara Gordon
Designation: Software Company/Headquarters
Affiliation: Birds of Prey
First Appearance:
Birds of Prey #116 (May, 2008)

Following the reveal of a criminal organisation working within Platinum Flats, Barbara Gordon opts to move her Birds of Prey headquarters to the city in order to combat them.
Clocktower Systems was established as a computer business in Platinum Flats to financially support the Birds of Prey while also offering a secret base and living quarters for the team on the top (17th) floor.
After a brief run in the city, contending with the Silicon Syndicate and the brief threat of the Joker, following the Final Crisis the headquarters was discovered and infiltrated by Calculator after the villain had acquired the ability to control technology with his mind.

Forced to demolish the building, the Birds of Prey traced the Calculator to the Silicon Syndicate's headquarters where the criminal organization was dismantled, although the Calculator escaped. Feeling that she had lost her edge, Barbara momentarily disbanded the Birds of Prey and moved back to Gotham City; where she began operating as co-ordinater for The Network and mentoring the new Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) from the Batcave.


  • Lady Blackhawk's room has a secret passage to the helipad as well as a secret slide down to the jet hangar.
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