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Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill (also known as The Hill) is a city district establish 1635 located in the north-western quadrant of Gotham City.

"The Hill" only received a small uptick in crime during the chaos of the Joker War due to its citizens coming together to fight off the clowns and other gangs, however, following this incident Demitrius Korlee Jnr tried to take advantage of the upheaval and began retaking the district. However a vigilante trained by a member of the League of Shadows known as "Strike" (Dana Harlowe) and her gang fought Korlee to keep the district out of his hands. In a bid to gain interest in the district, the city's realtor association began advertising the district as "The Jewel of Gotham"; emphasising that the location was "only minutes away from downtown". Following the Fear State incident and the erection of Arkham Tower, Barbara Gordon decided to relocate to the Hill and "lie low" with fellow "Batgirls" Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown.


  • Jason Todd bought a building in The Hill twelves years before the Joker War incident.
  • Batman took Demitrius R. Korlee Snr down twenty-one years before the Joker War.
  • The "Indigenous" citizens of the Hill refer to the "new" citizens who bought and ran new homes and businesses in the Hill during its gentrifications as "The Transplants".
  • By the time of Barbara, Cassandra and Stephanie relocating to the district in The Loft, The Hill had a population of 11,319 citizens.
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