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Catwoman Suit

Following the remaking of the universal timeline due to Barry Allen and the Flashpoint incident, various subjects and histories have been altered from their original state in the new Prime Earth universe.

Catwoman-suit VR.1

Selina's suit was later bolstered with navigation tech by Alice Tesla when Selina intended to navigate Gotham's underground locales in search of a man named "Rat-Tail." In addition to a gas mask that fits over her suit's mask and goggles, Tesla designed a wrist-mounted GPS system that could be viewed either via its built-in-screen or via a HUD within her goggles. Thanks to Tesla, the GPS contains a data-mine of every map of Gotham's underground; including but not limited to excavation records, subway maps, missing uranium shipments, defunct train stations, old nuclear bunkers and abandoned mine shafts.

Catwoman-suit VR.2

Dealing with a copycat burglar following her failed marriage to Batman, Selina changes her outfit. Disposing the goggles in favor of a cowl, along with some more stylish gloves and boots. The new costume also seems to have some reinforcement in the middle and some openings under her shoulders, which add a bit of flair while also giving her arms slightly more mobility.



  • While writer Ed Brubaker and wife suggested the design of the vr1 suit in 2002, artist Darwyn Cooke designed the cat-eye goggles, boots, a whip belt, and zipper ring and laments "the minute I left, everyone started pulling her zipper down to her belly button."
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