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Catwoman Suit
Catwoman-suit vr 1

This suit was originally a cat-themed fetish suit given to Selina by her pimp, Stan, to entertain a client.
After Selina witnessed the Batman's defeat of the GCPD's riot police forces in Robinson Park, she became inspired and wore the suit to exact revenge on Stan for beating on her and the other girls.

Catwomansuitvr1 1
Catwoman-suit vr 2

After experiencing the thrill of being in costume, Selina shopped around for off-the-truck outfits and discovered a modified heat suit that was originally designed by college student to take filed trip within active volcanos. Inspired by the exposed tether line, Selina modified the suit into a form-fitting cat-suit, converting the tether line to serve as a "tail".
To compliment the suit, Selina also added a cat-mask (complete with whiskers) and opera gloves with clawed fingertips.

Catwomansuitvr2 1
Catwoman-suit vr 3

The Catwoman vr 3 suit has the same origins as the vr 2, however, this suit was purple instead of gray and possessed no tether line to convert into a tail.
Initially operating in her gray suit, after springing the Joker, Penguin and Two-Face from imprisonment to distract the Batman, Selina became inspired by the Joker's purple suit to change into a new, more dramatic, costume.

While still a cat-suit, this suit possesses no tail and allows her hair to fall free behind her mask. As time went by, Selina augmented the suit with cowl lenses for night-sight and various additional gadgets she had accumulated over her career, such as a wrist mounted grapnel gauntlet and "button bombs".

Catwomansuitvr3 5
Catwoman Dress

As her career and association as a master thief and villain of Batman grew, Selina soon attracted the interest of the international super villain community. Joining the newly formed Secret Society of Super Villains, Selina changed her look to that of a purple dress and green cape, which she wore as her primary outfit while operating as a super villain before later returning to the more subtle art of thievery and the vr 3 suit.

During her time as a super villain, Selina went through a variety of costumes and even used a variety of themed vehicles; such as the Kitty-Car; a modified convertible coupe, and the Catplane; a modified stunt jet with retractable landing claws.

Catwoman Cyborg Suit

In a final battle against the technologically augmented Cyber-Cat, Selina had a suit designed by the private engineer "Clutterbuck" to be able to fight her assailant.

Priced at $10,000, the suit is made of a lightweight plastic resin armour designed to withstand miniature-missiles, the suit had reinforced joints with full flexibility so as not to restrict it's wearer's acrobatics. The suit featured a cable whip in right gauntlet, extended claws on left gauntlet as well as a miniature-missile launcher. Additional weapons included enhanced "Button Bombs" and capsules with a tear gas/smoke bomb mixture.
Mounted on the shoulder was a high-power searchlight, changeable to infrared, the helmet was equipped with night vision, telescopic sight and had a retractable visor.

While the suit was more than a match for Cyber-Cat's suit, Selina felt that the armour was not in her style and had Clutterbuck destroy the suit after she returned it.

Catwoman-suit vr 4

Following her relocation to New York after Gotham City was declared a No Man's Land, Selina made herself a CEO of Randolf Industries and began a campaign to run for mayor. As part of her new life, Selina cut her hair to fit her new CEO lifestyle and altered her costume.
While still purple in colour, her new suit followed the same design as her original gray suit, complete with tail and whiskers that would later be removed. Keeping the gloves and boots of the previous suit.

Catwomansuitvr4 1

Following her capture by the GCPD, her incarceration at the Cinque Foundation Rehabilitation Center and her escape with the aid of Harleen Quinzell, Selina began exhibiting psychological issues brought on by Quinzell's psychology and exposure to Johnathen Crane's Fear Gas experiments during an adventure following the cataclysm earthquake.
In an attempt to distance herself from her Catwoman persona, Selina wore this vigilante outfit and embarked on a more aggressive blackmail campaign against the city's mayor before regaining her identity.

Catwoman-suit vr 5

After spending a 6 month hiatus from "Catwoman", Selina returned to her roots as a protector of Crime Alley and created a new outfit out of government surplus material.
The suit is heavily insulated to protect from heat, cold and electricity. In addition to the standard clawed gloves, her boots each possess extendable blades to aid in climbing and fighting. A taser is kept within the left glove as a backup weapon and the lenses in her goggles can change through various light spectrums (infrared, night vision, etc). Conventional thievery tools are other items are kept within pouches on the inside of her belt.
While the majority of the time, her mouth and jaw is left exposed, Selina possesses a Wayne Enterprises gas mask to cover her exposed skin if required.

Later, when having to confront Killer Croc, Selina had "The Tailor" modify her gloves to possess 3-inch reinforce titanium claws laser sharpened to the molecular level to slice through Croc's thick skin.

Catwomansuitvr5 5



  • Selina was trained in whip-fighting by Wildcat (Ted Grant) while she also received additional hand-to-hand combat and skills in the finer arts from the Armless Master.
  • Selina compared her Cyborg Suit to Jean-Paul Valley's Azbat Suit.
  • Catwoman's boot size is size 7.
  • Selina would occasionally wear a small backpack with her costume to carry extra items in and out of her thefts.
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