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Cassandra Wu-San (Young Justice)

Name: Cassandra Wu-San
Aliases: Orphan
Species: Human
Nationality: Eurasian
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Vigilante

- League of Shadows (Formerly)
- Bat Family

Last Known Residence:
- Gotham City


Lady Shiva (Sandra Wu-San) gives birth to Cassandra. Already a member of the League of Shadows, Shiva raises her daughter to be the ultimate assassin, subjecting her to a brutal regime to make her the perfect assassin. This included cutting her vocal cords so that the only language she would learn was body language. This left Cassandra's body, and particularly her face, covered in scars.

When her mother assessed her ready, Cassandra's first mission was to assassinate the Joker, who was threatening to blow up the United Nations in revenge for not being invited to join The Light. Observing from the shadows as Batman and his protégés defused the Joker's gas bombs, when the Bat Family made their move and the Joker attempted to escape, she saw her chance to strike the villain, however, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) saw her arrival and pushed the Joker out of the way and got cut down by Cassandra's attack instead; resulting in her spine being severed and becoming immobilized her from the waist down.
Shocked and horrified over what she had done, Cassandra remained by Barbara's side as the Bat Family took her sword away and captured the Joker. Barbara explained to Cassandra that she did not jump in front of her to save Joker's life, but rather to save Cassandra from becoming a murderer.

Remaining with the Bat Family, Batman trained Cassandra to join his team, with Cassandra adopting "Orphan" as her codename possibly as a means to denounce Lady Shiva as her mother. When the time came, Batman assessed her ready to join the rest of the family in the field and personally vouched for Cassandra to join The Team. As a result the other heroes trusted her despite her inability to speak or her refusal to reveal her true identity through a full face mask.

Cassandra is part of a four-man team consisting of Robin (Timothy Drake), herself, Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) and Arrowette (Cissie King-Jones).
Led by Robin, the team had been tracking the Mad Hatter (Jervis Tetch) on Batman (Bruce Wayne)'s orders. Noticing that the villain was drinking a lot of water, and that the water bottles he threw away contained clay backwash, the team suspected that he may be Clayface (Matthew Hagen) in disguise. Before Robin could devise a way to confirm their suspicions, however, Cassandra slices "Tetch" in half, confirming their suspicions as the villain reformed himself as Clayface.
During the resulting battle, Spoiler tells the team to forget Clayface as Tetch was their real target. Hearing this, Clayface panics and retreats to protect Tetch, unknowingly showing the team exactly where Tetch was located due to Spoiler planting a liquid tracker on him.
As Tetch finishes injecting a nanotech solution into a recently freed prison inmate Clayface arrives just as Robin's team also makes their entrance. Tetch activates his nanotech device, showing Clayface to be under his thrall, and orders Clayface to protect him as he makes his exit with the inmate.
As Clayface keeps the team busy, the Mad Hatter activates a self-destruct button and escapes with his new puppet. Noticing that the warehouse was wired to explode, Robin orders everyone out of the building and his team manage to escape just in time.

Some time later, in the Batcave, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are watching the final battle in Markovia through Danbury's video. They are joined by Green Arrow, Spoiler, Arrowette, and Cassandra.

After Artemis Crock is attacked by League of Shadows assassins seemingly in an attempt to assassinate League defectors Cassandra Savage and Onyx Adams, Artemis takes them to one of Green Arrow's "Vault" safe houses and enlists members of The Team with experience in the League to help her work out if the two girls are actually defectors or if they are moles intending to infiltrate The Team.
While Artemis also brings in Jade to help interrogate the "defectors", Black Spider and Rictus attack to capture Cassandra Savage; Artemis, Jade, Orphan and Onyx hold them off. However, Shiva appears and captures her daughter, giving Artemis 24 hours to turn over Cassandra Savage or Orphan dies. While the heroes debate what to do, Jade reveals that Orphan was Shiva's daughter, also named Cassandra Wu-San, who was abused and trained as the ultimate assassin before Batman took her in. Jade leaves while Onyx and Cassandra Savage agree to go to Santa Prisca with Artemis to get Orphan back.

When Lady Shiva's troops corner Artemis, Cheshire and Onyx in Santa Prisca, the heroes are outnumbered. Cassandra Savage has seen to that by tricking them so she could steal Justice League data, but while Shiva rants on about how she wants her daughter back, Cass loosens her shackles and evens the odds. Still, Shiva has too many assassins with her, but just as the thugs are about to move in for the kill, Shade teleports the heroes out and onto the shore. Shiva arrives too through his portal, but Shade confesses he owed Cheshire a debt from their criminal past, which is now even. He then quits the sadistic team, admitting he's freelance once more in an act that will certainly have Shiva eyeing his head in the future. As he disappears, Shiva goads Cass into a fight, with Cheshire warning a damaged Artemis and a naïve Onyx that this needs to happen. It'll define her future and prove if she's a monster or not, and as the fracas ensues, Barbara's in Cass' earpiece as Oracle, begging her not to give in to the darkness. Cass, however, cuts loose because Shiva nearly took her new family away, impaling her with a sword. However, when she's about to behead her mom, Cass remembers how Barbara saved her soul and believed in her. Cass shows mercy, then departs with the others, leaving Shiva angry how good a person Cass actually is. Cassandra is also there when Artemis and her Sister speak out. The last one with Cass shows her hugging Barbara.

During Superboy and Miss Martian's wedding, Orphan is among the guests.

Orphan was part of Beta Squad, led by Nightwing, sent out as part of the search for Perdita Vladek.










  • Orphan Young Justice Wikia
  • Young Justice is the first time a version of Cassandra Cain has been rendered in an animation as a fully realized character and not as an uncredited Easter Egg.
  • This version of Cassandra Cain first appeared in Young Justice Season 3, Episode 8: "Triptych", and was designed by Greg Weisman and Phil Bourassa.
  • According to a Q&A session with Greg Weisman where a fan asked how old Cassandra was, Cassandra was fifteen in Episode 8: "Triptych", making her born in 2003.
  • First revealed on a collector's edition 2019 San Diego Comic Con tote bag, Cassandra's hero designation was "Z-10" in Young Justice Season 3. According to Greg Weisman, the Z-Designations were member's of Batman's "Batman Inc." splinter group and were as follows: Z-01: Batman,Z-02: Green Arrow, Z-03: Plastic Man, Z-04: Hardware, Z-05: Katana, Z-06: Batwoman, Z-07: Robin, Z-08: Arrowette, Z-09: Spoiler,Z-10: Orphan , Z-11: Metamorpho. Other designation groups are: non-lettered designations (Justice League), A-Designation (guests), B-Designations (The Team), C-Designations (Pets), D-Designations (Outsiders). As the Batman Inc. group was rendered defunct at the conclusion of Season 3, it is unclear whether Z-Designations retain their designations or if they have new designations as of Season 4.
  • Despite Cassandra being the one who made her a paraplegic, Barbara considers her to be like a sister to her.
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