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Name: Batwoman
Identity Status: Classified
Aliases: Cassandra Cain
Nationality: Eurasian
Maritual Status: Unknown
Occupation: Vigilante
Last Known Residence:
Alternate Timeline
Allied with the Titans Army, this Batwoman came from an alternate future where Batman (Timothy Drake) decided that the world needed a more drastic stance on fighting crime.
His plans resulted in a totalitarian world free from crime because of his and his partners' excessive use of the death panalty for any and all crime.

In an effort to ensure this future remained in existance the Titans of Tomorrow traveled back to the present timeline and confronted their younger selves in an effort to corrupt them into their way of thinking. When this neared failure Batman's backup plan innitiated, bringing the Titan's Army to the present timeline in order to assassinate Blue Beetle, Ravager and Supergirl. However, this plan too met resistance in the unforseen arrival of Starro during the Sinestro Corps War. The entire army, including Batwoman, was infected to do his bidding.

With the successful team up of the Flash (Bart Allen) and Blue Beetle, Starro was defeated and the infected heroes freed, and they immediately returned to attempting to kill the three teenagers.
But, as Cassandra Sandmark finally began to move on from Conner Kent, declaring her feelings for Timothy Drake, the strands of time was altered and the Titans Army, including Batwoman, disappeared from existance along with the Titans of Tomorrow.

Future Batwoman 2

- Sean McKeever, Jamal Igle

First Appearance:
- Teen Titans #52 (2007)


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