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Name: Cassandra Cain
Identity Status: Confidential
Aliases: Batgirl
Nationality: Eurasian
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Vigilante
Last Known Residence:
Gotham Metropolitan Ballet
After falling behind in her mortgage repayments, Harley Quinn owes money to crime boss Benny Defeo's mortgage company but also intends to get payback against him for burning down her hotel and nearly killing her Gang of Harleys.
Cassandra is coincidentally on board the same train that Harley boards to head to Gotham to confront Defeo. As a group of suited killers boards the train to kill Harley, Cassandra follows them to Harley's carriage and, as the group meet resistance from Harley and Huntress (who had been hunting Defeo and had overheard his plans for Harley), who had boarded the train to protect Harley, Cassandra also picks of the killers while they are distracted by the other two women.
When Renee Montoya intercepts Harley and the girls at the Gotham train station, the detective tries to force Harley to leave Gotham but the clown girl escapes her custody with the help of Atlee, leaving a collection of addresses for Renee to investigate.
As Cassandra goes to Barbara's house to acquire a batgirl uniform, she then accompanies Huntress and Black Canary in following the Joker as Renee's cops use the addresses Harley left her to raid his various hideouts.
As the Birds capture the Joker, Harley has Atlee help her break into the Joker's treasure vault and steal everything in it; stashing it inside an abandoned farm house near Wayne Manor where she then publicly returns the loot to Renee and the GCPD; intending to receive all of the monetary rewards people had put up for the return of the loot over the years. While investigating Defeo, the Birds discover that the Joker had placed a bounty on Harley's life and head to the GCPD precinct to get to Harley and Renee before they are killed.
As the Birds fight off the villains, Harley escapes to Poison Ivy's apartment only to find the Joker waiting for her. However, while torturing Harley to death, Ivy wakes up and escapes her bindings; saving Harley by hurling the Joker out of the window.
While being passed between Renee, Huntress, Barbara and Canary while recuperating from her injuries, Harley eventually ends up staying with Cassandra at her home within the Gotham Metropolitan Ballet theatre until she fully recovered. After which Power Girl picks them up to return her to her newly built home in New York City.


- Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti

First Appearance:
- Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey #1


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