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Name: Cassandra Cain
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: Orphan
Nationality: Eurasian
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Vigilante
Last Known Residence:

In the year 2025, the Magistrate got one of the most important members of the Resistance: Cassandra Cain, also known as Orphan. Many inmates are surprised by the fact that Cassandra was captured, but the Magistrate was able to do it, and now they are trying to get information from her, especially about their leader, Nightwing. The worst thing though is that Cassandra will have to spend her time with a traitor, her jailmate is in fact Stephanie Brown, also known as Spoiler. A woman who betrayed Nightwing, the Bat and the Resistance.

Once Cassandra gets inside the cell, the first thing she does is deliver a big punch to Stephanie's nose. Then she remains silent, while Stephanie tells her she has an offer: she wants to know how they were able to capture Cass, while in exchange of this, she will tell her how to obtain access to one of the Nullifiers hovering over the place, a piece of tech that might give her a chance to escape. But Cass does not want to hear anything from Steph's mouth: out of respect for their common past together, she will leave her alone. If it wasn't for that, she could already have been dead.

The day after, the prisoners have their free hour, when they can meet: it seems Cass, and other members of the resistance like Jimmy Olsen and Jeff Pierce, believe Bruce Wayne is held in this very facility: they talk in code, referencing Homer's Odyssey. The thing is, Cass needs to trigger a diversive, like starting a fight, to explore the chance the Batman is in there, but Spoiler already told everyone to resist from picking a bone with her, and now Cass wants to know what the hell is in Stephanie's mind. So, Cass takes the fight to Stephanie, and they both get to be put in solitary, just what Cass needed to look into the rumor about Bruce.

The thing is, as the lunch is served, Cass finds an earpiece inside it, and it's from Steph: she talks to her with the Odyssey-based code, and so Cass understands the brutal betrayal of Stephanie was all a lie. She had to perform a big heel turn to convince everyone involved of the fact she was out, and against, the Resistance. All to support Cass in this delicate mission. By the way, the Nullifier Steph promised her is in Cassandra's pocket: Stephanie slipped it in during the fight. Cassandra believes her, she has no doubt, but she needs to be told why all this happened, and so Stephanie explains it to her.

Stephanie was depressed after Batman was killed and Oracle disappeared: she asked Nightwing to use his resources to try and track down Barbara, but he told her he couldn't, as it would mean the end for the Resistance, and a lot of problems for everybody involved. He also told her there was another way, but she would do things she never thought she could do to follow that path. Steph accepted, and then all led to the betrayal and her new reputation. All to be here. Cass apologizes to her, suffering for the fact she treated her like garbage all this time, and then reveals that since Batman died, several of the members of the Resistance saw signals, hidden messages, that suggested Bruce Wayne might be alive, and might be here, as the hidden codes pointed to these coordinates. If Oracle or Batman are here, they have to get them out. And without them knowing, Barbara Gordon is in a basement under them, her mind attached to some strange machine...

So, after two days, Stephanie blows her cover and uses all her resources to trigger a revolt inside the prison, all to give Cass the chance to find Batman in the secret basement of the Magistrate, and then get away...



First Appearance:
- Future State The Next Batman #2 (January 2021)


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