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Name: Cassandra
Identity Status: Confidential
Aliases: Robin
Nationality: Kingdom of El
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Spy
Last Known Residence:
Kingdom of Amazonia (Earth 118)
Cassandra is a member of the "Bat-Prince" Bruce Wayne's "Robins" network; a band of orphan children who either serve as trackers and scouts in Prince Wayne's hunts for magic in the Lands of El or as spies in the courts of rival kingdoms. While the other Robins worked elsewhere, Cassandra was planted within the all-female nation of Amazonia as a spy.

As the three kingdoms; the Kingdom of El, the Kingdom of Amazonia and the Kingdom of Storms, march to war, Cassandra helps an imprisoned Prince Kal-El escape to prevent the looming war between the kingdoms. Giving Prince El the Lasso of Truth that had previously bound him to prove he was telling the truth.


- Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri

First Appearance:
- Dark Knights of Steel: Tales From the Three Kingdoms (unnamed)
- Dark Knights Of Steel #9 (named)


  • The entire group of "Robins" were originally orphans living in the Kingdom of El as purse snatchers; working to "build themselves a nest (home) with the coin they steal". During All Hallow's Eve five years before the comic's events, the Robins attempted to steal a necklace worn by the court jester, Harley Quinn. Resulting in the entire band being captured by Princes El and Wayne. Noting their skill and their strong morality, Wayne recruited them to work under him in defending the kingdom.
  • While all of the Robins were caught by either Prince Wayne or Prince El, Cassandra was the only one that was not shown to have been captured by the princes. She presumably re-joined her fellow orphans after they were set free by the Princes and joined them in working for Prince Wayne.
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