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Cassandra Cain (DCeased)

Name: Cassandra Cain
Aliases: Batgirl
Species: Human
Nationality: Eurasian
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Vigilante

- Bat Family

Last Known Residence:
- Gotham City


After surviving the initial outbreak of the corrupted Anti-Life Equation, Cassandra Cain responds to a distress alert at the GCPD, where Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock are fighting of the infected. As the three retreat to the prison cells, Bullock is infected and Cassandra is forced to kill him before he is fully turned.
Having tracked Cassandra and Gordon's locator beacons, Jason Todd, with Ace the Bat-hound, plows the Batmobile inside the GCPD building to rescue them. As they drive away, Jason decides that there is no point in concealing their identities any further from Gordon and Cassandra and Jason unmask themselves.
As Jason tells him and Cassandra that they are the only living people he found on Batman's heart monitoring system in Gotham (while Damian and Alfred are in Metropolis), Gordon insists that they find Barbara despite the computer showing Barbara's life signs to be deceased. When Jason reluctantly takes them to Barbara's last known location, Gordon is devastated to find his daughter infected and dead along with the other infected Birds of Prey who were slain by Poison Ivy while she was defend Harley Quinn. Jason also finds the Joker's corpse nearby and is upset of not being the one to kill him. To Gordon's disgust, Jason takes the Joker's body as a trophy and mounts the corpse on the Batmobile's hood. Jason, Gordon, Cassandra, and Ace then leave Gotham.

The next day, they arrive in the outskirts of Bludhaven and they notice a large concentration of infected surrounding a single building, which is likely containing trapped survivors. Jason overrides the Batmobile's non-lethal protocols and fires missiles onto the gathered infected. Jason then drives the Batmobile through the decimated infected and are allowed inside the building, which is the Bludhaven Orphanage. Inside, they are greeted by the survivors who are only children led by Letitia. The orphans' leader explains to them that their caregivers were infected and locked up in the gym by a hero (whom Letitia didn't recognize) who also helped the orphans in reinforcing the building and bringing them enough food. The hero then went away and never came back. Jason, Gordon, and Cassandra make their decision to stay and help the orphans to survive through the end of the world.

Three weeks have passed since Jason, Cassandra, Gordon, and Ace had settled in the orphanage. During this time, Jason has been trying to convince Gordon in getting rid of the infected caregivers and children that occupied the gym. But Gordon remains adamant that the infected are no threat while they are locked up. Cassandra interrupts and shows the men a radio transmission from Lois Lane, telling all survivors that she and her allies are planning to leave Earth and are inviting them to join in the evacuation. One of two evacuation points is Poison Ivy's jungle in Gotham. Jason and Cassandra are keen to the idea, but Gordon shuts it down as he points out the difficulty of getting all the orphans safely to Gotham.
Meanwhile, Lady Shiva has personally tasked Mirror Master with locating her daughter, Cassandra. Mirror Master does find Cassandra and takes Shiva to the orphanage. Shiva offers Cassandra sanctuary to Ball's Pyramid, but does not extend her offer to the orphans as the island does not have enough room to support them. Cassandra refuses to leave the children and a fight ensues between daughter and mother when Shiva attempt to take her by force. The fight catches the attention of the orphanage's inhabitants and leading to Shiva to give up on taking her daughter with her and returning to Ball's Pyramid.

On Ball's Pyramid, Vandal Savage is unamused with Shiva's escapade and he is most disapproved of having Mirror Master involved as he is deemed as a escape contingency if something goes wrong. Before tensions could escalate between Savage and Shiva, Slade Wilson peacefully intervenes. Slade reminds Savage that he have brought a volatile group of killers under the same roof, and they are anxious and bored, and it is best not to antagonize each other if they are going to outlive the apocalypse.
Seemingly taking Slade's advice to heart, Savage takes Slade to a secured room where he reveals that he intends to surgically cut him open, as he wants to know how Slade and Creeper are immune to the Anti-Life virus. Saved by his daughter, Rose, Slade and Creeper are freed from Vandal's restraints just as the island is invaded by an infected Wonder Woman, who proceeds to rip Savage in half. As Captain Cold stays behind to slow the amazon down, Mirror Master evacuates the survivors through the Mirror World to the Bludhaven Orphanage before going back to Ball's Pyramid for Snart. Unfortunately, he is attacked and bitten by an infected Captain Cold.
Slade and Rose explain their group's situation to Cassandra, Jason, and Gordon, revealing that the super-villains want to stay at the orphanage and band together against the undead. Gordon, however, is not too pleased with this and Slade's proposal to train the orphans into an army to fight the infected. Slade reason with Gordon that even though it isn't the most ideal situation for anyone, the children have to be trained to fight in order to protect themselves from the infected.
When the infected locked inside the gym are brought to the super-villains' attention, Shiva and Bane criticize them for allowing the infected within the building and go to kill them all immediately for everyone's safety. Cassandra takes Jim away from seeing this, and Jason joins with Slade and the others in killing the infected. To Jason's shock, among the infected is Billy Batson.

The next morning, the orphans are introduced to their new "roommates" and began their training: learning hand-to-hand combat under Shiva and Cassandra; becoming marksmen under Deadshot; and being taught in "less conventional classes" under Creeper, Cheetah, and Bane. For over the next three months, the super-villains unexpectedly begin to bond with the orphans, while Jason and Rose develop romantic feelings for each other; an event that Slade welcomes.

During the night, while Bane is patrolling the corridor, he finds Ace barking frantically, but fails to realize the danger before an infected Mirror Master invades the orphanage and infects him. Jason and Rose meet Gordon and Deadshot in a room, where they are flanking a handful of the orphans. However, when orphan Zaid is attacked by Mirror Master, Deadshot runs to save him and is successful, although this results in his own abduction into the Mirror World. Gordon tells Jason and Rose to help get the kids into a room without windows or mirrors.
A wounded Batgirl makes her way to the group, where she informs them of Bane's infection, and that he was headed outside. Gordon, confused, follows Bane's path to outside of the building. To his horror, he discovers Bane, under the control of the Anti-Life Equation, breaking the orphanage's walls and allowing an opening for the infected massing outside to enter.
With the infected breaching the orphanage, the survivors retreat inside. Grundy attacks and decapitates the infected Bane before holding back the horde from entering the building. This allows the others to head for the school buses before Creeper saves Grundy. With their sanctuary compromised, Gordon proposes to leave for Poison Ivy's jungle in Gotham. The survivors travel to Gotham with Red Hood and Ravager leading the two buses in the Batmobile.

But during the journey, the survivors are attacked by infected Mirror Master through the buses' windows and he takes two children into the Mirror World. Mirror Master's threat quickly comes to an end when Cheetah punches her claws through his head while saving Matilda, an orphan whom Cheetah had taken a close liking. The survivors finally arrive in Gotham and encounters the entire city's infected that is blocking their way to the jungle. Jason has the Batmobile plow through the infected, but the car is quickly wrecked by the infected Wonder Woman.
As Cheetah along with Grundy and Creeper fight Wonder Woman, Slade orders Gordon to have everyone on the first bus move onto the second bus, as he plans to drive the leading bus to clear a path through the infected and trying to rescue Rose and Jason inside the destroyed batmobile. Cassandra helps in getting the orphans onto the bus but she is then swarmed by infected. Lady Shiva sees her daughter in trouble and has Letitia drive the bus as she goes to rescue Cassandra. She and Cassandra fight off the infected long enough to get back on the bus; however, Shiva is slashed from behind. Knowing that she will succumb to the Anti-Life Equation, Shiva tells Cassandra that she is the only person she admired before tearing out her own heart.

Slade and Gordon manage to get Rose and Jason out of the Batmobile, but the battle against the infected worsen as Wonder Woman kills Cheetah, Creeper, and Grundy. Slade personally holds off the infected he is soon torn apart by Wonder Woman, leaving nothing of him to regenerate. With Slade dead, Wonder Woman turns her attention on the final school bus, carrying it into the air and throwing it to the Earth. But before the bus hits the ground, one of the orphans shouts "Shazam!" and the bus is safely lifted in the air by Mary Marvel. She was the hero who imprisoned the infected Billy Batson and helped in securing the orphanage; choosing not to return to being Mary Marvel due to her fears of being corrupted by the Equation after seeing what happened to Billy. Thanks to her three months of training with Cassandra, Mary battles and temporarily defeats Wonder Woman.
Mary then lifts the bus and carries it to the jungle, where they are greeted by Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn along with several other survivors including Doctor Fate, Zatanna, and John Constantine. Ivy and Fate reassure the survivors that the garden is magically enchanted to keep out Wonder Woman and the other empowered infected. Sometime later, the Bludhaven survivors construct a memorial to the former villains who sacrificed their lives in saving them.

Dead Planet[]

Five years after the mass evacuation of Earth, the new Justice League of Earth-2 unexpectedly received a cryptic signal from their home planet sent by Cyborg, leading them to embark on a mission to rescue their old friend. Meanwhile, the Shadowpact, operating out of Poison Ivy's garden in Gotham, had been magically locating and relocating survivors across the globe in their absence. As the Justice League save Cyborg, they are attacked by the infected Wonder Woman and are forced to find sanctuary at Ivy's garden,


  • This version of Cassandra Cain first appeared in DCeased: Unkillables #1 and was designed by Tom Taylor and Karl Mostert.
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