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Cassandra Cain (Batwheels)

Name: Cassandra Cain
Aliases: Batgirl
Species: Human
Nationality: Eurasian
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Vigilante

- Bat Family

Last Known Residence:
- Gotham City, Wayne Manor


Cassandra Cain is one of the sidekicks of Batman. A daredevil tech-savvy member of the Bat-Family, she serves as a "big sister" figure in the group.

As Penguin, Joker, Harley, Mr Freeze and Riddler attempt to complete a bank heist by escaping in their respective vehicles, Batman, Robin and Batgirl chase after them, with Batgirl chasing after the Penguin on her Batcycle. While Penguin attempts to lose Batgirl by raising a bridge, Batgirl jumps the bridge gap, performing an aerial trick while in mid-air. While Penguin attempts to escape through the Gotham Docks by converting his car into a boat and diving off the pier, Batgirl launches a grapnel from her cycle and ensnares the villain, preventing his escape.
While Batman, Robin and Batgirl are taken in a limousine to City Hall as thank you for capturing Riddler, Joker, Harley, Freeze and Penguin, their cars are sent back to the batcave by the batcomputer's auto-control. Later, unable to contact Batman, the Batcomputer has Moe give the bat-vehicles sentience to defend the Batcave from an intruder.

During a mission to capture Toyman, Bibi slips on a paintbrush and crashes. While the accident directly leads to the successful capture of the villain, Bibi couldn't accept her slip-up and uses Toyman's latest invention, a device that can turn back time, to do a "do-over" on her jump. However, she keeps crashing while apprehending the villain no matter how many times she does a "do-over" and her attempts to correct her slip leads to her actively taking over control of the jump from Batgirl and possibly revealing her sentience to the hero. However, Bibi learns that the slip led to the direct capture of the villain and uses the time reset to return events back to how they were originally before she started using Toyman's invention.


  • Cassandra's vehicle of choice is Bibi; the Batcycle.
  • Cartoonito is credited with creating this version of Cassandra Cain.
  • Cassandra Cain is voiced by Leah Lewis.
  • Batman, Robin and Batgirl have a team maneuverer called "Launch Mode" where Robin converts his car into a ramp while Batman positions the Batmobile behind Batgirl's cycle. As Robin races his ramp/car toward the pair, Batman engages the Batmobile's thrusters to push Batgirl's cycle; sending her up the ramp as he veers away at the last second. This maneuverer is used to reach aerial targets.
  • In episode 1, Moe claims that Batgirl taught him how to do the Batusi (Batman's variation of the Watusi dance as seen in Batman (1960)).
  • Batgirl has various trophies set up in the batcycle's portion of the garage.
  • Batgirl believes the Gotham Knights are the best team in baseball.
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