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Cassandra Cain's Romantic Relationships
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Writer Vita Ayala stating that Cass and Steph in the Future State timeline are Bisexual

There have been a few blogs and Q&A sessions on the subject of Cassandra Cain's sexuality over the years and so I figured I'd throw my hat into the ring with a written piece of my own.

In regards to her sexuality, the most popular notion within the fandom in regards to her main-timeline sexuality is that Cassandra is bisexual (or at least ambiguously bisexual) and this notion has generally been received with few to no opposing notions. Those that do oppose the notion that she is bisexual state that, largely due to a lack of any instances of her actually having sex or talking about sex, she is actually asexual and lacks a sexual attraction towards others, or has an otherwise low interest or desire for sexual activity. However, it is pretty clear throughout her appearances that she has no issue with being desired by others sexually or the notion of having sex in general, which is not really the hallmarks of an asexual character.
Surprisingly, there has been very few suggestions that Cassandra is purely a heterosexual character despite the majority of her relationship interests and crushes being male.

It should be noted that Cassandra has thus far been depicted (in alternate timelines) forming a heterosexual relationship with Timothy Drake (Solo #10) and a bisexual relationship with Stephanie Brown (Future State) although she has yet to establish a long-term sexual relationship with either in main comic canon.

Cassandra's Crushes and Love Interests[]

John Robinson (crush)[]

John Robinson

Known as John ‘Good Samaritan’ Robinson, John Robinson was a happily married man who stepped in to help a girl and nearly got himself killed then and there if not for Cassandra. She was so moved by his actions that she gives him a kiss on the cheek before leaving. She was really moved by his selflessness and was deeply angered when she found out he was immediately kidnapped and nearly beaten to death by the son of a crime boss who is the the same man he tried to stop earlier. Barbara Gordon was able to track down his whereabouts but she was too late as he was succumbing to his wounds. He finally tells her to stop and gives her a letter. His last letter to his wife and asks Cassandra to give it to her. He then passes on.
Cassandra grants his wishes and delivers the letter. She watches as she sees his wife react to the letter. Saddened and having no idea what he wrote Cassandra makes a determination to learn to read and write

Tai’Darshan (love interest)[]

Black Wind

Tai’Darshan is a metahuman rebel fighter from Tarakstan who first encountered Cassandra while attempting to kidnap and hold for ransom Vitor Namali; a Tarakstan businessman and war criminal, in Gotham City and later aboard a yacht in a second attempt on the businessman. During both encounters he expressed his interest in her, sparking her own interest in him. His attempt on the yacht was foiled by both Cassandra and Superboy, resulting in his capture by police. The two would meet again in Tarakstan where Cassandra and Batman were tracking down Doctor Death who was supplying the warring factions in Tarakstan with bioweapons. Unfortunately, by the end of the storyline Tai’Darshan died while saving his home from a bioweapon that converted human bodies to oil.

Tai’Darshan was Cassandra's first romantic interest in comics, and seems to gain her interest due to being able to match Cassandra in a fight due to his super powers. Additionally, Tai’Darshan frequently flirted with her throughout their interactions, something she was not used to and this, on top of his obvious attraction for her which she could no doubt read through her body reading ability, made her aware and interested in physical relationships (stopping a training session to "check out" the bodies of the male fighters in Oracle's training simulation).

While she was intrigued by him, Cassandra knew that Tai’Darshan was not a healthy match for her as, while he and his group might be in the right in their “Freedom Fighting” in their home country, they are straight up terrorists in their actions and endanger the public outside of their home and so she turned her attention to another male who was unabashedly interested in her; Superboy.

  • Although the unaccustomed attention and unhidden desire Tai’Darshan (and Superboy) had for her initially made her self conscious of herself and her body, she did eventually grow to like the type of attention the boys gave her.
  • Black Wind is the first person to call Cass her future name “Black Bat.”

Conner Kent (love interest)[]

Superboy (Kon-El)

Cassandra first meets Superboy while calling for assistance from Robin (Timothy Drake) in fighting a horde of exploding zombies. At first Cassandra did not like him due to his loud, constantly-talking, carefree demeaner and she seemed to share Batman's disdain for how irresponsible Conner's super powers made him. While going off without Tim to find the source of the zombies, Conner and Cassandra are almost killed when they fall into a trap (which they only break out of thanks to Cassandra injecting Conner with some adrenaline to temporarily enhance his powers). While trapped, Conner admits his insecurities and fears to Cassandra, thinking that he was about to die, and Cassandra sees him in a different light.

Some time later, Cassandra encounters Conner again while on board a holiday cruise and becomes incredibly self conscious over his reaction to seeing her in a bikini (which Barbara had forced her to wear). The two later team up (with Cassandra wearing a makeshift mask ripped from her own skirt) to stop Tai'Darshan from taking the boat hostage and at the end of the incident Cassandra decides to indulge in these new-found attractions that Tai'Darshan and Superboy had aroused in her and made out with Superboy.

After a moment of observing other couples throughout Gotham, Cassandra decides to visit Conner in Smallville with the intention of furthering a relationship, however, after helping to sedate a mutant that had escaped its prison due to being lonely, Cassandra realised that she was pursuing a relationship with Conner simply because she felt alone and wanted to feel desired and wanted.
While the pair decided to slow the relationship down a bit, upon returning to Gotham, Batman ended any further growth their relationship might have had by forbidding Cassandra from returning to Smallville and telling Superman to tell Superboy to stay away from Batgirl.
Although they no longer share a romantic relationship, the two remain good friends and associates.

As this was the second time Batman had ended any possibility of her forming a relationship with a boy (the first being Tai-Darshan, although that one was understandable), Cassandra began acting out against him by conducting her own operations in Gotham against his orders and doing her own thing despite any plans he may have set up. This all accumulates in a fight between the two across the Gotham cityscape as Batman believed she was becoming unreliable and dangerous and she just wanted to be aloud to grow and be a "Bat" without being constantly told what was best for her by him or Barbara.

  • Cassandra's first kiss is with Superboy.
  • Although the unaccustomed attention and unhidden desire Tai’Darshan and Superboy had for her initially made her self conscious of herself and her body, Cassandra did eventually grow to like the type of attention the boys gave her.
  • Interestingly, Superboy's main love interest is also named "Cassandra" (Cassandra Sandsmark (aka Wonder Girl))

Stephanie Brown (friend)(lover (alt timeline))[]


Stephanie Brown is Cassandra's most prominent friend relationship and over the years their "Day and Night" dynamic has developed into a tight "gal pal" relationship that seems to have evolved into a "platonic life partner" deal.

First meeting in Robin #88 and first "teaming up" in Batgirl #20, Cassandra inspires Stephanie to work harder and fight better while Stephanie inspires Cassandra to be more open and sociable. This relationship built up slowly over the years, with the pair initially getting together because Cassandra needed someone who could read to bust a kidnapping and then later on Stephanie became Cassandra's confidante when the latter accidentally stopped Shadow Thief's heart while overtraining for a fight against Lady Shiva. As Cassandra panics, Stephanie uses CPR to revive Shadow Thief and promises not to tell Oracle about the incident. Stephanie's psychological reliance on Cassandra becomes evident when, while Cassandra is out of commission, she takes on a Lady Shiva worshiper who wants to kill Cassandra. Opting to take the worshipper on herself, Stephanie imagines Cassandra following her around and giving her advice and confidence to beat him.
When Batman stops training Stephanie at the cave, Cassandra trains Steph at her cave without Batman's permission, and they start interacting together during patrols; have fun jumping rooftops, talking about boys and their families, sharing secrets like Steph's father's death and Cass's dad being her legitimate father. The pair share in Stephanie's "success" at becoming Robin and Stephanie goes to her directly when she is fired from the role; thanking Cass for her friendship.
During the city-wide gang war, Cass desperately searches for Stephanie during the chaos, nagging Oracle and showing people her picture, and is devastated to find out about her apparent demise. After moving to Bludhaven and nearly dying while fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, a ghostly version of Stephanie appears and convinces Cassandra to save herself. After Cass is stabbed by "The Mad Dog" and dies, she meets up with the ghostly Stephanie once more, who tells her the secrets of her past and shows her what became of Bludhaven while she was away. Cass is pulled away from Stephanie when Lady Shiva dumps Cassandra's body in the Lazarus Pit and she is resurrected.
With Stephanie's death being retconned after the Infinite Crisis, Stephanie returned to Gotham a year after the Crisis, however her and Cassandra's reunion occurs off screen. Following Bruce's "death" while fighting Darkseid during the Final Crisis, Cassandra hands over the Batgirl mantle to Stephanie while she went to Hong Kong to become Batman, Incorporated's representative there.

Cassandra and Stephanie's relationship is one of mutual emotional support; Cassandra supported Stephanie as she fought and trained to become worthy of being part of the bat-family; personally training her frequently when the rest of the family dismissed her, while Stephanie supported Cassandra as a friend with no ulterior-motive when the rest of the family either solely wanted her to be a field agent (batman), solely be "normal" (barbara), or were too intimidated by her to engage (timothy).
People believe that Stephanie is important to Cass because she was able to communicate with and understand her much better than most people (possibly due to both being female of similar age with villainous parents but also due to Stephanie's open-minded nature). Even with other people who she loved and cared about; such as Bruce, Barbara, Tim, there was still a communication blockage due to their points-of-view, and both parties tended to become frustrated by each other. Only with Stephanie (and Jean Paul and Kon, occasionally) does Cassandra actually feel comfortable and safe and able to freely communicate with.
And this is why I don’t agree with people who object to the fact that Cassandra’s characterization does change post-War Games. Because of course it does. She’s lost the one person who she could really communicate with. She loves and admires Tim, but he doesn’t really understand how she thinks. Brenda is super caring and helpful for her, but she doesn’t provide Cassandra with the kind of interaction that she really needs to feel safe. She’s always tense and closed off, even during their most friendly interactions. So Cassandra being more short-tempered, less friendly, and overall more hostile makes perfect sense. It’s a combination of grief and the loss of the person who really helped her relax and feel safe and understood. It doesn’t help that her stress about her relationship with Barbara kind of exploded on both ends, leading to their falling out.

Many scenes, particularly later on in the series, show Cass and Steph being... close. Not only was she one of the most distraught people at Steph's apparent death, but her general attitude seems a lot more intimate and protective. One scene in particular had her in a near-death experience where she saw Steph holding her in a princess carry. This has led many to assume that the duo are one or two steps away from being a casual bisexual couple (a "friends with benefits" situation).

With the re-obtainment of their Batgirl mantles, the friendship between Cassandra and Stephanie became even more involved - becoming not only friends but also partners in battle; living together and running missions together as a "dynamic duo". During this tenor where they began sharing a room together, their personal interactions become extremely informal; with both of them freely touching and hugging each other and undressing in front of each other. While she also talks about boys and their attractiveness as romantic partners, Stephanie also openly talks about Cassandra's attractiveness and other sexual subjects while Cassandra herself often speaks of how important Stephanie is to her on an extremely personal level. The emotional relationship between the two was deep enough that while transformed and crazed as a Man-Bat, Stephanie couldn't strike Cassandra down and allowed Cassandra to tame and ride her over Gotham.

  • According to writer Vita Ayala, in the Future State timeline, Cassandra and Stephanie's relationship grew to become romantic and their storyline in the Future State event was one of two lovers reconciling after a breakup.

Javier (love interest)[]


Javier worked in a small diner named Mexigrill within the Gotham University district during the 'City of Light' incident. Frequented by Gotham University students, the diner was also a favourite of Cassandra's, whose apartment (at the time) was near the university and frequented the diner during the late hours. Javier quickly became enthralled by her and, with the urging of his boss, began dating her.
However, Javier's romantic advances constantly caused Cassandra to remember her repressed past and while it is shown that Cassandra kept trying to overcome her reactions, it is ultimately unknown whether their relationship was broken off or simply discarded when Cassandra moved to Bludhaven.

Coldcast (crush)[]


Coldcast in Justice League Elite. Basically, she’s undercover as darker vigilante called Kasumi, and reporting all her findings of the Elite to Batman. However, she strikes up a comradely with her fellow member, Coldcast. They grow closer as the series goes on and eventually when they’re both trapped with no hope she reveals her true identity and kisses him. But they’re saved only not too long after Coldcast is arrested for a murder. It’s basically open and shut since the evidence looks as if he’s guilty, but Cass doesn’t believe it and thinks he’s innocent. Proves her hunch is correct and the real killer is revealed, plus the day is saved. All thanks to Cassandra’s drive to prove his innocence.

But Cass/Coldcast never really have anything else after that. We never see the character again, nor does Gabrych follow up on that in her ongoing (save a mention of her time with the Elite in #72). Still, worth noting these three as well (even if two of them basically nothing memorable and just utterly cliche). Though I’d be curious to read your thoughts on Justice League: Elite one day.

Zero (love interest)[]


When Cassandra arrived in Bludhaven, her safe-house was graffitied with Zero's symbol and so seemed well within his 'territory'. Throughout her residency, Zero had taken to watching her as she entered and left the house, this did not go unnoticed by her but she seemed to treat it as a kind of game, with him stalking her and her watching him stalk her.
Stalking aside the two truly met during a rave party where Cassandra recognized him in the crowd and rushed to meet him. The two then proceeded to dance besides each other in the mosh pit.
When Cassandra had to leave on a quest to find her mother she spent some final hours with Zero, resulting in the two kissing before she left. Any chances of the relationship continuing ended when Bludhaven was destroyed soon after by the Society of Evil dropping Chemo upon the city. Zero was one of the many civilian casualties.
With so little on who or what Zero was being revealed (at one point we are left with the impression that he is homeless due to him actively sleeping outside of Cassandra's house), I think that the key factor in this relationship was Cassandra's body reading ability enabling her to see how much Zero desired her and she, seemingly finding it cute and attractive, liked being desired and desired for it to continue.

Sal (love interest)[]


A fellow class-mate of Cassandra's from her ESL classes following the Infinite Crisis incident, Sal harboured a crush on her but never managed to get up the courage to ask her out.
A year later he saw her in the How You Bean Cafe and asked her out, offering her his phone number to call. Cass, in her internal dialogue, admits that she sort of likes him, and also kisses him on the cheek, but she ultimately drops the relationship in favour of pursuing revenge against Deathstroke and her father, David Cain.

Timothy Drake (friend)(lover (alt timeline))[]


Timothy Drake, the third Robin, has regularly been depicted as having a strange "intimidated by but attracted to" relationship with Cassandra.

While Tim displays on numerous occasions an attraction to Cassandra on a physical level, often times admitting to others (such as Conner) that she is "hot" and "on fire", he was also actively intimidated and scared by her skills and her history; which causes him to avoid her more often than not. This issue comes to a head when he tries to shadow her for a night after becoming suspicious that she may betray the family at some point in the future (he comes to the conclusion that it was just his paranoia and that his own fear and insecurities were clouding his judgement of her). After this incident he grows to become more comfortable around her and the pair act more like work colleagues (albeit, in Tim's case, a hot work colleague). For her part Cassandra never really showed any interest in Tim either romantically or physically at this time.

However, when Cassandra decided to wear Barbara's Batgirl uniform for a night, she ended up saving Tim from a crowd of drug addicts while wearing it and his unbridled attraction to her (both verbal and physical) left an impression on her. So much so that, when she accidentally doses on the drug, she has an hallucination of all the members of the Bat Family all talking about their issues with her; and the hallucination of Tim was continuously talking about how hot she was.

Ultimately, Cass and Tim's relationship prior to the War Games incident boiled down to her seeing him as a colleague and him thinking that she was hot, but at the same time kind of terrifying.

Once the events of War Games happened and Stephanie Brown died from injuries she had gained from being tortured by the Black Mask (and Timothy's dad also died after a botched assassination attempt by Captain Boomerang), Timothy Drake leaves Gotham City to take over Nightwing's role of patrolling Bludhaven. Seeing that Tim shouldn't deal with his trauma alone, and assessing that Gotham was dangerous for vigilantes right now, Batman sent Cassandra to also patrol Bludhaven and also keep an eye on Tim. While initially combative due to their opinions on how Batman handled the War Games incident, Timothy and Cassandra eventually came to bond over their relationship to "the Job" and their mutual mourning of Stephanie's death; forming a tight familial relationship akin to brother and sister and relying on each other for emotional support when needed.

After they both lost many more people close to them during the Infinite Crisis (with the entire city of Bludhaven being destroyed), while Timothy was invited to go with Bruce on a year-long sabbatical, Cassandra was not offered such an opportunity (possibly due to her being uncontactable at the time) and upon her return to Gotham she was abducted and drugged by Deathstroke to ally with him.
In her addled state she now believed that the Bat Family had been using her but she was still drawn to Tim due to a blend of wanting the mutual emotional support they had had before, a feeling that he would understand the loss she had suffered, and a possible subconscious desire that he should be able to get her out of the situation she had found herself trapped in.
After she was freed from her mind control, thanks to Tim and the Teen Titans, Tim is the only member of the Bat Family to actually be shown interested in helping her after her ordeal.
Following Bruce's "death" during the Final Crisis just prior to her being officially adopted by him, the loss of yet another person who is incredibly important to her seems to lead to Cass quitting being Batgirl despite what the symbol previously was shown to mean to her and giving it to Stephanie (although we are later informed that the action was actually part of Bruce's Will and Testament to give Cassandra freedom from his influence and give Stephanie the mantle she had earned as a member of the family). This leads to her moving to Hong Kong, where Tim is, again, the only one who seems to have bothered to maintain contact with her even as he took on the mantle of Red Robin as Richard Grayson and Damian Wayne became Batman and Robin respectively. It was established that when Cassandra was having a problem, it was now Tim that she called for help, in addition to her being the one who'd come to his rescue if he needed help in his ventures. Her image even came to mind when he needed to mentally create a "Batman-esque" avatar to help free him from a digital realm.

By the time of the Gates of Gotham incident, Cass and Tim's relationship with each other were the most cordial out of assembled members of the Bat Family (even though Dick had warmed up to her again by this time). Again, the two of them were shown to be working together occasionally on investigations, and although it could be read as the two of them becoming just very good friends, the looks and body positioning of both Tim and Cass in the final pages of the book can be read as their relationship being a bit deeper than "just friends".

  • Back when Tim first began his career as Robin, during his initial training phase, Lady Shiva (Cassandra's mother) trained him for a time and came onto the then 14/15 year old numerous times. While he declined her advances he admitted that he was attracted to her offers. That he would later be also be attracted to her daughter, Cassandra, (before he knew that she was her daughter) is interesting.
  • Oddly, after Stephanie Brown's resurrection and return to Gotham, Cass' closest friendship was now with Tim, as she was never shown on panel to be hanging out with Barbara or Stephanie anymore. It was Tim who was her official contact to the folks back in Gotham after she moved to Hong Kong, and it was he who recruited her into Batman Incorporated and giving her the Black Bat persona.
  • In Solo #10, an alternate future is depicted where Cassandra and Timothy share the Batman mantle as a happily married couple.

Harper Row (friend)(love interest)[]


Cass with Harper is an interesting relationship due to the fact that Cassandra killed Harper's mother as her "one kill" following DC comic's 52 Reboot.
Before she discovered Cassandra's role in her mother's death, Harper was actively flirting with Cassandra throughout the missions they were involved with; and Cassandra (even with her body reading making it easy to be aware of Harper's sexual interest in her) did not exhibit any discomfort with the attraction and did not attempt to avoid her attention at all. Eventually Cass even responded to her attentions during the ballet (holding hands). The relationship kind of cooled off after Harper learned about Cassandra's role in her mother's death and while Harper has forgiven her and they are now still friends, Harper no longer flirts with Cassandra.

Cassandra's Sexuality[]

Cassandra teases her lesbian team-mates

The commonly accepted notion amongst the fandom is that Cassandra is bisexual due to multiple instances of her behaviour with both sexes in situations where sexual attraction and/or intimacy is a factor. It should be noted, however, that while she has been openly reciprocal to advances from characters of both sexes, she has so far only made advances and/or pursued relationships with boys (when not under influence). This may mean that while she's sexually bisexual, she gravitates towards male romantic partners.

The core of the argument that Cassandra is bisexual is due to the notion that, due to her lack of social experience, Cass is a sexually instinctual being as because she has not been influenced by societal opinion she has not developed any of the socially-induced restraints or taboos that a typical person might develop growing up in any given society. She seems to equate sexual attention as just another form of attention (albeit a more intimate one) and does not associate any cultural or religious prejudice to it. Making her a creature of pure instinct in regards to sexuality (purely "she likes it/them because it/they make her feel good and she doesn't like it/them because it/they make her feel bad").
The primary evidence that Cassandra is instinctual (and bi) is when she was under the influence of Deathstroke's Super Soldier Serum; which makes users exhibit their base personality mannerisms, Cassandra exhibited a primal attraction to both boys and girls; actively touching their bodies, rubbing her body against theirs and being unnecessarily physically intimate with both Timothy Drake and Kara Zor-el in their respective encounters.

If she likes a person she will openly like them (be they boy or girl) without even considering what society might think about it (whether it is considered "appropriate" or not) as that is a foreign concept to her. By extension, if she finds that person attractive, she will openly pursue them regardless of what others may think, as is the case of most of her relationships (Dark Wind (terrorist), Superboy (irresponsible hero), Zero (vagrant)) and declared attractions (Zatanna (a woman around 15 years her senior), Bruce Wayne (her father figure)). If she is horny or aroused she will unabashedly follow her instincts to further pursue such sensations of pleasure (as is the case of "Evil Cass'" behaviour with Kara Zor-el and Timothy Drake and is a possible motivation for her "nude walk" tease in front of Grace and Anissa). She has never learned to be ashamed of her body and has no compunction to hide it from others, often resulting in nudism or near nudism in front of people (getting out of a bath in front of Barbara, fully undressing in public in front of Stephanie (multiple times) and the aforementioned nude walk).

When Barbara Gordon forced Cassandra to wear a bikini during a yacht cruise, it resulted in Cass getting leered at and the attention to which she was unaccustomed to made her self conscious and uncomfortable. As Cass is more painfully aware what's going on in any potential romantic partner's mind (due to their body language), that experience initially made forming romantic bonds with people difficult as she interpreted their attract to her as JUST sexual attraction but she has since learned to not look solely on that interpretation.

Other Instances of Cassandra's Sexuality[]

  • In Batgirl #39, she openly "checks out" the holographic body of a male combatant she was fighting in the Clock Tower's holographic training room.
  • Cassandra has accidentally revealed that she considered Bruce Wayne "hot", despite their relationship being more familial than romantic.
  • Cassandra has also admitted an attraction to Zatanna Zatara in response to Kate Kane expressing her desire to marry the magician.
  • Batman and the Outsiders #3 features Cassandra's lauded nude walk across the apartment in front of two confirmed lesbians (Anissa Pierce and Grace Choi). A few groups in the fandom site this incident as an example of Cassandra's stance as a bisexual character stating that, due to her body-reading ability, there was no way she would not have been aware of the two older women being sexually attracted to her as she did this stunt and yet she still casually and openly lets them look at her body as she walks past them to the kitchen, unhurriedly pours herself a glass of juice and then walks back to her room without concealing anything. Sum it up to late teenage adventurism or just a voyeuristic nudism streak, this is definitely proof that Cassandra at least as some inkling of sexual urges in her body.
    • Some claim that this instance is somewhat out of character because in Batgirl #39, Cass is extremely self-conscious about wearing a bikini. But then, this happened a long time after that, so you could just say she's been through a lot and is different now. I don't think she was self conscious about the bikini, so much as Black Wind made her feel cheap in it.
  • Gotham Knights #42, Cassandra is found walking nude around Wayne Manor in nothing but a short robe, and no pants. She actively gives Bruce a cup of coffee right in front of a visiting child services official. I think everyone probably gives Cass some leeway, It's not like she had a youth in which she learned social conventions. They're probably happy she functions even somewhat normally.
  • Popular fan-made pairings through her publication history have included Cassandra/Conner Kent and Cassandra/Harper Row, however the longest pairings have been Cassandra/Timothy Drake and Cassandra/Stephanie Brown. As the relationship pairing of Timothy Drake/Stephanie Brown is extremely popular and canon the two pairing with Cassandra often leads to the relationships becoming a threesome relationship; with Timothy being heterosexual and the two girls being bisexual. And again, this threesome relationship receives little opposition when brought up within fandom boards.
  • Despite her noted emotional interests in both, thanks to her body-reading ability Cassandra knows that Timothy and Stephanie are heavily attracted to each other and she does not harbour any jealousy or resentment to this fact. While some see this as an example of Cassandra not harbouring any romantic interests in them, others see this as an example of Cassandra being polyamorous (is fine with multiple partners and her partners having other partners). In fact, at the end of Convergence: Batgirl #2 she outright states that Tim and Stephanie need to get a room and sleep together; which the two attempt to do before their injuries stop them.
  • The Future State storyline between Cassandra and Stephanie is filled with numerous allusions to them being a sexual/wife couple. As a way to reveal herself as a double agent amongst the villains to Cassandra, Stephanie quotes the moment in the Odyssey when Odysseus is offered everything on a silver platter, including immortality, but denies it because the only thing he cares about is returning home to be with his wife again and not even immortality is a great enough offering. Alluding to herself as Odysseus and Cassandra as her wife. Furthermore, Stephanie directly quotes Homer "There is nothing more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends." at the end of the storyline. Again alluding to herself and Cassandra as "man and wife".
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