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Young Justice Season 4

Cassandra is showcased in Season 4

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Wayne Family Antics

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

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Who is Cassandra Cain

A look into the history of the character

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Cassandra Cain Chronology

Cassandra's chronological appearances thus far

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Barbara Gordon
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Alfred Pennyworth
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Ra's al Ghul
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Arkham Inmates
Cass Cain Media/Merchandise

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Did you know:

  • Alfred Pennyworth is the only member of the Batman Family that is allowed by Bruce Wayne to own a firearm.
  • While training against a computerized simulation of Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), the fastest time it took for Cass to take her down was 0:37 seconds.
  • Cassandra's anniversary of becoming Batgirl was celebrated in Batgirl #33.

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"You're magnificent. Like a wisp of smoke, a sliver of night. I'd give anything to see your face."
―Black Wind

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