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Title: CassToons
Other Names: N/A
Nationality: Varied
Base of Operations:
The CassToons can be seen in most Cassandra Cain Discussion Boards on the net.
A satire webcomic primarily featuring Cassandra Cain the CassToons were originally created by Cass Cult member Lewis (aka EspanolBot) as a form of expressing his dislike of Cassandra Cain's retcon to villiany in 2006. Since then the Toons have evolved to incompass many issues, characters and writers/artists resulting in many versions and art styles that fall under the collect name of CassToons.

The Toons originally created by Lewis (known as the 'Primary or Main comic strip') was made in Paint studio giving it a hobbiest/amatuer quality that makes it unique amongst webcomics of today. The Primary Strip, due to the brassness in how some issues are addressed (such as politics and religion) have been banned and/or deleted from some Discussion Boards where it primarily appears.
Due to how the CassToons have no website to launch from old strips are invariably lost although some dedicated fans have kept (albit out-of-date) databases containing old or previous CassToon strips for perusal.

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