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Camp Lex

Camp Lex was Lex Luthor's HQ camp in No Man's Land from which he began an aggressive rebuild of the city's infilstructure.

Initially created and established against the U.S. Government's mandate, Luthor co-opted Grant Park from what remained of the Penguin's territory to land a series of helicopters and construction vehicles to establish the camp. Following the reneging of the government, the camp grew to accomodate emissaries from other organizations contributing to the rebuild; including the National Guard and Wayne Enterprises.
Guarded by military personel, Luthor's own LexCorp soldiers and body guards and, in secret, Bane, the camp possessed an executive Quonset hut for Luthor himself and a huge military-style hut labeled "Human Resources"; used to employ Gothamites who wished to help rebuild their city into LexCorp's work force, providing them with work and winter clothes as well as food.

Following the reestablishment of Gotham City's power base, the camp was dissolved.


  • Before Lex's initial party landed in Grant Park, he had Mercy Graves bargain with Penguin for the use of six warehouses in Miller Docks, which she used to smuggle equipment into No Man's Land in preparation for the camp's construction.
  • The title "Camp Lex" was bestowed by the media, who flocked from across the country into the NML to get their scoop.
  • To further his public relations, Luthor had a hundred-foot-tall christmas tree flown in to be planted at the center of the camp.
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