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Location: Gotham City
First Appeared In:
- Batgirl #35 (December, 2014)

Burnside is a urban borough located across the Gotham River from Gotham City Chinatown via the Vincefinkel Bridge.


Currently undergoing gentrification after Gordon Clean Energy helped bring in money to rehabilitate the neighborhood. Ethan Cobblepot attempted to make Burnside his own by utilizing phone apps to gain control of the populace and "clean the borough" of the unemployed, the homeless, the mentally ill, the unattractive, etc, while also attempting to usurp his father's empire. However, he was thwarted by Batgirl (Barbara Gordon).

A year later, the Cobblepots returned with a scheme to get the Penguin voted into congress by mind warping Burnside into supporting his election.


Notable areas, Landmarks, Institutions and Businesses

South Burnside: The "lower end" where the lesser fortunate live in public housing and the like.
Warehouse District:
Prospect Pine Park: While "close to nature" the trees in the area block phone signals.


Barbara and Frankie's Apartment: An apartment shared by Barbara Gordon and Frankie Charles during Barbara's stay in Burnside.


Burnside College: Barbara Gordon attended the college to study LIS550 Information and Society; Library Science taught by Professor Baur.
South Burnside Elementary School: Barbara Gordon did some volunteer work at the school's library as part of her college course.
Burnside Hall of Records: The building became disused after the Burnside council went digital. The villain Fugue (Vinton Burwell) used the fallout shelter beneath the hall as a lair where he warped Barbara Gordon's mind. The city's underground "pneumatic tube system" also links here.
Burnside Museum of Modern Art:
Burnside Y: A public gym and pool facility that was "haunted" by Liana Soto.


Vincefinkel "Burnside" Bridge: The main bridge connecting Burnside to Gotham Chinatown across the Gotham River.
Burnside Square: The central area of Burnside. Marked by an artistic installation of a ship's hull.


Gordon Clean Energy: A business co-run and funded by Barbara Gordon and Frankie Charles. The company's original headquarters was an abandoned fire station bought with assistance from Luke Fox using funds from a blueprint for a clean energy generator Barbara redeveloped from a superweapon called the "Negahedron ".
Club Angelfish: An aquatic-themed club where patrons dress in swimsuits.
Laundromat: A laundry-themed club where patrons can do their laundry while having a drink.
VicForm: A tech-oriented incubator created by Ethan Cobblepot "to bring power back into the communty's hands". Cobblepot intended to use the business to flood Burnside with nonsensical mobile apps as part of a plan to use the information gathered from the apps to take over the neighbourhood and destroy his father.
HOOQ App: A dating app that Frankie Charles coded for. Majority of singles in Burnside used the app. A digital map of Barbara Gordon's mind gains sentience and uses data from the app to predict future criminals and attempts to kill them.
Safestreets App: An app developed by VicForm Burnside residents can use to mark the location of homeless people on the street. The app alerts "authorities" who then arrive to retrieve them. Fright (Linda Friitawa) took advantage of the app to gain test subjects for her experiments.
Walk Home App: An app developed by VicForm Burnside residents can use to call for an escort to walk them home safely. Magpie (Margaret Pye) took advantage of the app to gain some extra money as an escort bodyguard.



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