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Brentwood Academy
Brentwood Academy

Owner: United States Government
Designation: Private School
Affiliation: Civilian
First Appearance: Robin #74

Brentwood Academy is an exclusive private all-boys boarding school for the rich and wealthy. Located in the Bristol outskirts of Gotham City, the academy, with grounds stretching across about five hundred acres, caters to the fortunate sons and heirs to foreign lands as well as the "problem children" of the upper crust, both of which are watched over by school disciplinarian Dean Vernon Nederlander.

Jack Drake enrolled his son into the academy to curb Timothy's wanderings following the No Man's Land debacle where Jack coerced the government's polititions to have his son air lifted out of Gotham, who was revealed to have somehow gotten himself "trapped" in the city.
After Jack Drake's company went bankrupt, the family moved to an inner-city apartment and Tim was moved to Louis E. Grieve Memorial High School.


  • Brentwood allows three different ties for their uniform: the Billings, the Troutman and the Cavendish.
  • Tim stays in the freshman Totley Hall dormitory during his stay at Brentwood, occupying room 2-G (Floor 2, Room G) with Ali Ben Khadir, a young religious leader of Dhabar. The hall's house mother is Miss Bigelow.
  • As most students have either a personal valet, servant or bodyguard, Alfred Pennyworth operated as Timothy's during his stay at the academy.
  • Servants and bodyguards to the students reside in Blandings Hall.
  • The school has soccer as its predominant sport with a fall and spring season.
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