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Name: Brenda Miller
Nationality: N/A
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Owner of Brenda's Cafe'
Last Known Residence:
- Bludhaven
Brenda Miller is a resident of Bludhaven's Fort Joseph District. Running a rather prosperous cafe' named Brenda's Cafe' Miller has served at least one jail sentence for reasons unknown. She inherited the cafe' from her deceased father, along with the subsequent debt that came with it however, thanks in part to Cassandra Cain, she later received a grant from the Wayne Foundation which helped settle said debts.
She and Cassandra first met when Cassandra entered the cafe' to meet with Alfred Pennyworth in order to move into her new home in the district. Due to her observing Cassandra's nightly habits it is suspected that Brenda thinks she is a prostitute despite Cassandra's constant insistance to the contrary. Eventually the two became friends, with Brenda inviting Cassandra to parties and Cassandra eventually entrusting her with her prized rose before she left Bludhaven.
It was unfortunate though that Bludhaven would be destroyed soon after by the Society of Evil dropping Chemo upon the city. Brenda Miller was one of the civilian casualties.

Brenda Miller

- Andersen Gabrych, Ale Garza

First Appearance:
- Batgirl #60

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