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Bluebird Uniform
Following an encounter with the Batman, who saved Harper and her brother from a gang of homophobic thugs, Harper became inspired to use her talents with electronics to aid the hero.

Bluebird-suit 1 (Harper Row)

During the short time Harper and her brother was relocated to a hotel during their apartment's rebuilding, Harper obtained an all-black body suit and began utilizing gimmicked toys and modified tasers.

Bluebird-suit 2 (Harper Row)

While following Red Robin (Timothy Drake) to Tokyo, Harper wore her casual clothes in addition to her gimmicked toys, utility belt and a blue cloth to cover her face.

Bluebird-suit 3 (Harper Row)

After witnessing Red Robin (Timothy Drake), Red Hood (Jason Todd) and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) becoming infected and enslaved by Mad Hatter's nanobytes, Harper utilized Red Robin's resources to create her own tech-shielded suit to rescue them and stop the Mad Hatter.
In addition to being shielded from nanobyte infection, the suit can release an EMP burst that temporarily shuts the suit down as a side-effect.




  • The tech in Harper's version 3 suit is linked to the Batcave.
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