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Name: Tai'darshan
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: Black Wind
Nationality: Central Asian, Tarakstani
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Freedom Fighter
Last Known Residence:
His powers menifesting at the age of thirteen he was taken to the Soviet Metahuman Research Laboratories and became known as Tai'darshan, the Black Wind, he was a metahuman belonging to the Sakuri Lions. An armed faction fighting against the Tarakstan government. Capable of metahuman strength and speed he possessed the ability to create tornados. He also was fluent in both english and Tarakstani and couldn't swim.
He first encountered Cassandra Cain while attempting to attack Vitor Namali; a Tarakstan businessman and war criminal, in Gotham City and later aboard a yacht in a second attempt on the businessman. During both encounters he expressed his interest in her, sparking her own interest in him. His attempt on the yacht was foiled by both Cassandra and Superboy, resulting in his capture.
The two would next meet in Tarakstan where Batgirl and Batman were tracking down Doctor Death before he supplied the Sakuri Lions with Formula "O". Things were not what they seemed, however, as Doctor Death was actually supplying the Tarakstan military with the weapons instead. The Bats and the Sakuri Lions team up to stop Dr Death, resulting in the release of Formula O upon them. Black Wind attempted to use the winds to drive the formula towards the military but Batman interceded due to his "no killing" policy. This resulted in the tornado moving out of control and Tai'darshan was forced to sacrifice himself in order to quell the storm.

Black Wind

- Dylan Horrocks, Adrian Sibar

First Appearance:
- Batgirl #39


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