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Issue: Birds of Prey #99
Subtitle: Headhunt Part 4: Class Dismissed
Date: December 2006
Feature Characters: Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Huntress (Helena Bertinelli), Oracle (Barbara Gordon)
Supporting Characters: Batgirl (Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe)
Villains: Yasemin Soze
Guest Appearances: Zinda Blake
Other Characters:

As Black Canary and Huntress deal with Yasemin, who has targeted Huntress as vengeance for putting her in jail, the new Batgirl teleports into Oracle's headquarters and attempts to convince Oracle to mentor her as the new Batgirl.

"Hal Jordan gets Kyle Rayner, Firestorm got that nice Jason kid. So it only figures that Cassandra and I get a lunatic for our successor."
— Barbara Gordon

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Cover Art:



Birds of Prey 99

- Gail Simone

- James Diaz, Robin Riggs

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