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Issue: Birds of Prey #63
Subtitle: Sensei & Student Part Two: Pride & Poison
Date: March 2004
Feature Characters: Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Oracle (Barbara Gordon)
Supporting Characters: Lady Shiva (Sandra Wusan)
Villains: Cheshire (Jade Nguyen), Agent Carter
Guest Appearances: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Robin (Timothy Drake)
Other Characters:

As Black Canary and Lady Shiva capture Cheshire for killing their sensei, Oracle is hunted and then captured by a government agent taskforce.

"...perfectly good set of stairs...That's the problem with amateurs, the histrionics. No sense of grace at all."
— Lady Shiva

Birds of Prey 63 1 - Birds of Prey 63 2 - Birds of Prey 63 3 - Birds of Prey 63 4

Cover Art:


- The outside appearance of the Clocktower is based on its appearance in the Birds of Prey television series.

Birds of Prey 63

- Gail Simone

- Ed Benes and Cliff Richards

Chronology:Full List
- City of Light 7/8
- City of Light 8/8
- Birds of Prey #62
- Birds of Prey #63
- Robin #126
- Detective Comics #796
- Batgirl #53

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