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Issue: Birds of Prey #62
Subtitle: Sensei & Student
Date: February 2004
Feature Characters: Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Oracle (Barbara Gordon)
Supporting Characters: Lady Shiva (Sandra Wusan)
Villains: Cheshire (Jade Nguyen)
Guest Appearances: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Wildcat (Ted Grant), Hourman (Rick Tyler)
Other Characters: Sensei Otomo, Lam, The Tung Sing

As Black Canary goes to Hong Kong to pay respects to a dying sensei, Oracle begins to experience problems with the accuracy of some of her information; sending heroes to the wrong locations.
While visiting her sensei, Canary discovers Lady Shiva also paying her respects to the master. After fending off an attack from a Hong Kong gang, the duo return to their sensei to discover his entire dojo poisoned and killed by Cheshire.

"Who would do this? Who is based in Hong Kong, and could defeat and poison six trained fighters, and... and... and an old man...who never...never had an evil thought for anyone...who saw people as...something better than they were..."
— Lady Shiva

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Cover Art:



Birds of Prey 62

- Gail Simone

- Ed Benes and Cliff Richards

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- City of Light 6/8
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- Birds of Prey #62
- Birds of Prey #63
- Robin #126
- Detective Comics #796

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