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Issue: Birds of Prey #43
Subtitle: Blind Spot
Date: July 2002
Feature Characters: Barbara Gordon
Supporting Characters: Dinah Lance
Villains: Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)
Guest Appearances: Nightwing (Richard Grayson), Robin (Timothy Drake), Alfred Pennyworth, Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Conner Hawk, Eddie Fyers
Other Characters: Dr Orenstein, Slim

Oracle and Nightwing are going through the new evidence of somebody entering the Batcave, Wayne Manor and altering Bruce's and Vesper's journals two weeks before the murder, but they aren't getting any closer to discover the identity of the person who did it all.
After talking to Robin and Alfred, Barbara goes to a private room to communicate with Dinah, who is learning the details of her future mission with Dr. Orenstein. He explains Dinah that his laboratories have received information about a man who was rescued at sea but who was declared lost along with the ship he was on, in 1944. To add to the mystery, the man's immune system was completely different from a normal human and that the ship he was in contained samples from biological weapons from the past. Dinah suspects there is something involving time travel and the doctor agrees, leaving her to do her job. On another corporation, Deathstroke is hired to investigate the same case.

Oracle calls the Batman Family and tells them that they already have enough proof that Bruce is innocent, but it is useless for any legal procedure as it will reveal Batman's identity. Nightwing is satisfied with knowing for sure that Bruce didn't murdered Vesper.
At her place, Dina prepares to go out on her mission and Spoiler complains that she needs training and that she should tag along with her on the mission. Black Canary refuses and tells Stephanie to go back to the "bat-boys" because she is talented enough to deal with them.

Elsewhere, a man called Slim hires Eddie Fyers to investigate the mysterious case of the phantom island and before they make a deal, Green Arrow appears and tells them that he is also part of the mission.

"I'm not sure who you are or what organization you represent. But this is a sensitive matter. And it must be acted on quickly. This information has already fallen into a lot of hands."
— Doctor Orenstein

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Cover Art:


- Bruce Wayne Murderer/Fugitive Tie-in

Birds of Prey 43

- Chuck Dixon

- Dave Ross

Chronology:Full List
- Batgirl Secret Files and Origins #1
- Batgirl #27
- Batgirl #28
- Birds of Prey #43
- Batgirl #29
- Batman #605
- Batgirl #30

- Gotham City
~ Clock Tower
~ Batcave
- Starhaven
~ Star Labs
- Ashram Monastery
- Nightwing Uniform
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