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Name: Bibi
Aliases: Batgirl's Batcycle
Species: Artificial Intelligence
Nationality: Computer Program
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Vigilante

- Bat Family

Last Known Residence:
- Gotham City, Batcave


Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and the rest of the team utilize impressive vehicles to contend with their enemies. But when the Bat-Family goes missing and the robotic Crash breaks into the Bat-Cave, the sentient Bat-Computer aka BC, convinces Batman's A.I. assistant Moe to inset powerful motherboards into the Bat-Mobile -- giving it sentience.
The newly dubbed "Bam", soon recruits other vehicles like Redbird, Bibi, Buff, and Batwing to stop the newly activated Legion of Zoom. The group of villain's vehicles were given the same upgrades and are working for a mysterious new threat that seeks to improve itself by replacing the Bat-Computer and escaping its current body -- a sports arena scoreboard.


  • Cartoonito is credited with creating Bibi.
  • Bibi is voiced by Madigan Kacmar.
  • Bibi names herself after the initials of her original name "Batgirl's Batcycle" (B.B.).
  • Designed to be one of the world's formost daredevil stuntriders.
  • The Batcomputer instructs the batvehicles to not reveal that they are sentient. Even the Bat family do not know as the vehicles hide their eyes when in the presence of the family. The Batcomputer simply tells the family that she "updated their autocontrol system enabling the vehicles to hone in on the bat family and come to their aid."
  • Like all bat vehicles, Bibi has a "Bat Defroster" equipped that enables her to thaw out of being frozen in ice, given time.
  • Part of her default arsenal are grapnel launches that she can use to ensnare opponents or latch onto obstacles to aid in her maneuvers. She also has a pair of robotic arms that, once she gains sentience, she uses as literal arms to interact with her environment.
  • Bibi is capable of splitting her front and back tyres to enable her to use four wheels instead of her usual two. Dubbed "ATV-mode", she can also extend these tyres a degree to increase their length.
  • During one of her time-resetting "do-overs" Bibi showcases that she can equip helicopter blades to enable her flight. She also possesses a parachute that she can utilise for paragliding.
  • Bibi's seat is able to catapult the rider up into the air, enabling Batgirl to launch into the air when required. It has been dubbed a "seat-a-pult".
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