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Batwoman Uniform
Following her 2 year training excursion, Katherine Kane returned to Gotham City to find that her father had retrofitted a bunker in her apartment building into a "Bat Cave" and also provided her with a Batwoman uniform to aid in her mission as Batwoman.
Batwoman-suit (Katherine Kane) vr1

Based on the visual look of the Batsuit, the suit's colour scheme stemmed from the colours of war (red and black). With the suit being stab resistant and bullet proof, the cape is a nanotube composite with weighted ends, with bio-monitors in the suit's torso and GPS and radio in the cowl.

Female Furies-suit (Katherine Kane)

During the events of Final Crisis Catwoman (Selina Kyle), Batwoman (Katherine Kane), Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) and Giganta were all brainwashed and formed to become Darkseid's newest Female Furies. The new Furies resembled the four original Female Furies; with Batwoman resembling Mad Harriet and wearing the deceased Fury's energy gauntlets with a modified varient of her Batsuit, in addition to wielding twin pistols.

Batwoman-suit (Katherine Kane) vr2

Following the Final Crisis, Katherine altered the suit's utility belt to carry larger pouches, as well as changing the gloves to gauntlets with bladed "fins". The boots, previously high-heeled, were also changed to more practical flats.
Also at some point Katherine opted to wear a wig over her real hair to avoid the dangers of it being pulled.



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