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The Batwing is a classification given to certain models of Batman's aerial fleet. Taking advantage of the resources of WayneTech's various divisions, notably Wayne Aerospace, Bruce Wayne is able to design various new aircraft for use in his crime-fighting career as Batman.

A key ability of the Batwings is their ability to absorb and amplify the natural sounds in their environment to mask the engine noise; enabling him to fly without even Kryptonians hearing them. However, if the pilot wants to be heard, the engines can be altered to run coarse and loud, to "sound like hell itself is dropping out of the sky."
Due to this ability, Batman is able to launch the "wings" directly from the Batcave without worrying about noise alerting the neighbourhood.

Another notable trait with the Batwings is their silhouette being designed around the appearance of a bat.


  • The designation between Batwing and Batplane usually depends on the vessel's size and occupant capacity; with a Batplane being notably larger than a Batwing and capable of carrying multiple passengers, while Batwings are usually depicted as smaller, more aggressive, one-man fighter craft.

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