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Issue: Battle for the Cowl #2
Subtitle: Army of One
Date: June 2009
Feature Characters: Nightwing (Richard Grayson), Batman (Jason Todd), Batman (Timothy Drake), Damian Wayne
Supporting Characters: Catwoman (Selina Kyle), Alfred Pennyworth, James Gordon
Villains: Two Face (Harvey Dent), Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot), Black Mask (Jeremiah Arkham), Jane Doe, Firefly (Gafield Lynns), Adam Bomb
Guest Appearances: Huntress (Helena Bertinelli), Black Canary (Dinah Lance)
Other Characters: Dell, Duffy, Bossworth

As Dick and Damian chase after Jason Todd who was charading as the new Batman, Black Mask martials his forces and plays Two Face and the Penguin off against each other. When the Birds of Prey arrive to assist in his capture Jason shoots Damian and escapes to continue his harsh form of crime fighting.
Tim meanwhile, donning a Batman cowl of his own, has found Jason’s cave hideout and is assisted by Catwoman however when Jason arrives a fight breaks out within the cave, ending with Tim being stabbed through the chest with a batarang.

"I wondered whatever happened to the Caped Crusader."
— Catwoman

Battle for the Cowl 2 1 - Battle for the Cowl 2 2 - Battle for the Cowl 2 3 - Battle for the Cowl 2 4

Cover Art:

Batman Battle for the Cowl 2

- Preview of Power Girl #1 included

Battle for the cowl 2

- Tony S. Daniel

- Tony S. Daniel

Chronology:Full List
- Batman #683
- Battle for the Cowl #1
- The Network #1
- Battle for the Cowl #2
- Battle for the Cowl #3
- Batgirl #1
- Batgirl #2

- Gotham City
- Batcave
- Batman Uniform

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